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Well, What DO You Want?

Posted by Dirck on 15 December, 2010

I know exactly what to get my parents for Christmas.

My father wants a new set of lungs.  Or, at least, a spare set.  The ones he is currently using, mileage aside, are aswarm with diverse viruses staging some kind of sub-microscopic cèilidh, and they are wearing their street shoes on the dance floor.  This is a regular December event for him, and the number of childhood Christmases slightly coloured by the presence of the spectre of Death (who looked in only because my father was at that point looking like a relation, and Death seldom gets a chance to just visit) are beyond counting.

For my mother, the gift is similar– that new set of feet that the doctors are only part way through building for her.  I’m sure she’d like to return to the land of the upright and mobile now, rather than at the ill-defined point in the distant future when the currently non-functional foot has healed, and then been joined by the other currently not-very-functional foot.  While she seems to be having some fun in her current career as lounger-in-bed and watcher-of-DVDs, she’s hinted that mobility has some appeal.

Sadly, I’ve not the means to get these things for them– neither the cash, nor the crack squad of hunchbacked assistants named Igor.  They’re in that uncomfortable part of their lives when they’ve got pretty much everything that they need (organs and extremities aside), and discovering anything to get them in the line of gifts is a tricky prospect.

This past weekend, as part of my filial duties, I was collecting a cheque which I could in a couple of stages turn into some food for them– neither felt particularly like a trip ’round the shops.  My father, between gulps of steaming rum beverage, asked to borrow a pen to fill in right numbers.  I was that weekend using my TWSBI, and handed it over.

A pause of consideration.  A turning over to examine the facets.  “Say, that’s nice.”

Well, HOORAY!  The gift conundrum, fatherwise, abolished!

Wrong.  He is not getting a TWSBI for Christmas.  There’s no way one will arrive in time, and while I’m not above giving him a used pen,  I’m disinclined to give him a non-vintage used pen.  That he has, for the moment, mislaid a previously-given pen does not enter into the calculation– because I am furiously piling furniture against an already locked and barred mental door upon which that item of information pounds.  I also know he prefers a fine point, and I’ve a medium.

So, the conundrum remains.  His birthday, however, I think I’m set for.  I’m reasonably sure he doesn’t read this item (too busy with rum beverages and swearing at those who try to turn his architectural efforts into actual buildings), so the secret is safe.

Today’s pen: Parker Duofold
Today’s ink: Herbin’s Lis de Thé

2 Responses to “Well, What DO You Want?”

  1. Chris said

    I purchased a Lamy Safari for use during my government-funded vacation to Iraq. Thus far it has served me well, mostly replacing the legion of ballpoints and rollerballs that I’ve gathered along the way. It is not vintage, but I did not want to subject a ‘nice’ pen to the possibility of loss or damage that goes along with my job. I could use some new knees, as the doc says my current set will probably last another 15 years, which statistically speaking is several years short of the expiration date for the rest of me. My parents are difficult to shop for, as well.

  2. I understand that the modern replacements for old-style knees are actually better and more reliable, but getting them firmly fixed to the OEM mountings can be a bit of a challenge.

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