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Posted by Dirck on 2 April, 2020


Day What How Much Pen Ink
  • 30 March
  • 31 March
  • 1 April
  • 2 April
  • Second draft of “In Loco Parentis”.
  • A nap
  • Second draft of “In Loco Parentis”.
  • 297 words typed.
  • Sleave (sic) remains somewhat raveled.
  • 446 more words.

I hadn’t thought the COVID block which many writers are mentioning on Twitter was afflicting me, but it may be. It may also be the extra extra stress of being one of the few still at The Regular Job atop the previously-mentioned extra stress, the latter of which is even stressier at the transition from one month to the next. It’s almost certainly responsible for the torpor which overtook me on Tuesday, and yesterday it quite cut into my writing time.

Hopefully next week will see some lowering of pressure, and I certainly am aware that I’m neither as crushed as anyone in Healthcare, nor anything like as mentally burdened as those who find themselves out of work and weeks away from the various government assistance plans coming into effect… and who aren’t sure if those plans will actually include them.

On that last point– Canadians who are worried about such things should have a look at this chart, in which helpful people have translated from the various levels of government’s official mystical utterances into something which can be understood.


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Posted by Dirck on 26 March, 2020


Day What How Much Pen Ink
  • 23 March
  • 24 March
  • 25 March
  • 26 March
  • First draft of “In Loco Parentis”.
  • Adventures in shopping for necessities during a lockdown.
  • A letter I’ve been shamefully neglecting.†
  • 2 manuscript pages
  • No spare probe covers for our Braun aural thermometer, alas.
  • Ready to mail.


† The letter to which I respond arrived just before Christmas. I plead “really a lot of powerful distractions”.

‡ The last time I used this pen (not quite two years ago, I discover with alarm), I also used brown ink. The only rationale for this association I can think of is that brown was big in the ’70s.

I am, by the way, still at work. The Regular Job turns out to count as “essential services”, and I’m apparently essential to it, so I’ll be the last one out before management is made to lock the doors. Let’s all hope it doesn’t come to that.


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Posted by Dirck on 19 March, 2020


Day What How Much Pen Ink
  • 16 March
  • 17 March
  • 18 March
  • 19 March
  • First draft of “Morgue Attendance”.
  • Fidgeting about coronavirus, and an attempt to find some yogurt in the picked-over grocery store.
  • First draft of “THINGY”
  • 1 manuscript page, and then some doubts about direction creep in…
  • A stunning success on both fronts; thanks to St. Patrick for the latter!
  • 8 manuscript pages



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Could It Get Any Worse?

Posted by Dirck on 13 March, 2020

That’s a cursed question, isn’t it? If you’re able to ask, the answer is invariably yes, and you hope whoever is saying it sounds remorseful rather than brimming with gleeful anticipation.

Things are pretty bad at the current moment, generally speaking. Plague stalking the land, persistent lack of action on environmental degradation, an international economy that’s acting like the Tacoma Narrows Bridge…

Sure, it looks like fun from a distance, but to those whose pensions stand upon it…

…and the usual assortment of hot-spots that offer to twist the dial from Minor Local Conflict right over to All-Consuming World War.

However bad things are for you right now, though, you are still able to say “At least I’m not involved with the Imperial Russian attempt to relieve Port Arthur about 115 years ago!”

Yep. Glad I’m not those guys.

Today’s pen: Faber-Castell e-motion
Today’s ink: Diamine Evergreen

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Posted by Dirck on 26 September, 2019

Day What How Much Pen Ink
  • 23 September
  • 24 September
  • 25 September
  • 26 September
  • Second draft of “Whistling Through the Graveyard”
  • An oddly precise 2450 typed words.


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Posted by Dirck on 31 January, 2019

Day What How Much Pen Ink
  • 28 January
  • 29 January
  • 30 January
  • 31 January
  • Second Draft of “Cannon Fodder.”
  • 1635 words typed

I got essentially no writing at all done yesterday, as I was returning a couple of pen… well, not to the owners, but to Paper Umbrella, where the owners had left them for me to collect; a very obliging shop, that.

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Posted by Dirck on 24 January, 2019

Day What How Much Pen Ink
  • 21 January
  • 22 January
  • 23 January
  • 24 January
  • First Draft of “Cannon Fodder.”
  • Third Draft of “Preserve My Fondest Memories.”
  • 17 manuscript pages.
  • A couple of sentences relaid and three stupid typos extinguished.


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Trembling Anticipation

Posted by Dirck on 17 August, 2018

It’s just over a month away, and I’m already getting anxious. How will I ever sleep the night before?

What is “it?”

Why, the Pelikan Hub, of course! Is anything else important happening before Hallowe’en? To either placate or stoke my internal fire of pen-driven desire, I’m going to watch this video of the last year’s Hong Kong hub:

So many pens… (I now make a noise like Homer Simpson seeing a pile of hamburgers). The one in Regina isn’t going to be so big, but the venue is a little smaller, too.

Today’s strangely non-Pelikan pen: Faber-Castell e-motion
Today’s ink: Herbin Pousièrre de Lune

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Posted by Dirck on 9 August, 2018

Day What How Much Pen Ink
  • 6 August
  • 7 August
  • 8 August
  • 9 August
  • Second Draft of the choose-your-own project.†
  • Second draft of “A Legion of Candles.”
  • About 1,500 words typed.
  • 1,487 words typed.‡


†Monday was a holiday, and since the grass is too parched to need mowing, I had time to work on the thing.

‡Monday was a holiday, so I lost a day on this thing.

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Posted by Dirck on 2 August, 2018

Day What How Much Pen Ink
  • 30 July
  • 31 July
  • 1 August
  • 2 August
  • First draft of “A Legion of Candles”
  • Second draft of the same†
  • 19 manuscript pages.
  • 2,016 words typed.


While we’re here– did anyone go out for a gander at Mars on Tuesday when it was at its closest approach? Back when I got my camera, I also got a reasonably good telescope which son and I took out after sundown on that auspicious night.

It was… underwhelming.  The lad peered in, said, “That orange dot is Mars?” and sighed a little when I confirmed it.  It was not a complete loss, though. We got to see the tiny specks of four Jovian moons (and I’m convinced I made out the banding of the planet) and Saturn was showing off his rings excellently.  Also, there was an owl hooting in a nearby tree, which pleased us both.

† I did not actually finish the first draft. I had one of those moments of realization as sleep takes hold, which makes the receiver sit up with a gasp in a flourish of bedclothes. In this particular case, I realized (once again) that the point of view was not the right one for the story I was telling– an observer more than a participant, and I could certainly look through a participant. Rather than trudge along to the end of the draft, I called it quits and embarked immediately on the adjusted version. Since the utility of the first draft is, for me, mainly to get the narrative outside my head, I was far enough along that I’m content with the shift from edit-resistant hand-written work to banging away on a keyboard where, if not careful, I’ll spend ten minutes swapping “which” and “that” out of a single sentence.

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