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What I Learned on My Vacation

Posted by Dirck on 29 December, 2010

Primarily, I learned that I can not tolerate toffee-coated peanuts the way I once could.  Frankly, I hope that’s the lesson, and my fear for my various filter-organs has prompted me to make an appointment with a doctor. 

Thanks to the aforementioned, I did not accomplish as much with my days off as I had hoped.  The main failure was to finish any item of correspondence that I owe, which means I’ll be labouring mightily in evenings and early mornings the next few days.  I did get a little work done on client pens, too, although they were such straightforward items I managed to not learn one thing while so engaged.  The wickedness and contrariety of the sections of Taperite-era Watermans was reinforced, but that’s something I already knew.

The best lesson of the past hiatus has nothing to do with pens or raging migraines/liver failure.  At least below a certain age, there is no disappointment in a malfunctioning toy, so long as Daddy is willing to make funny noises and wave the thing around in a relatively convincing manner.  I may have gotten a lot of nice gifts from the rest of my family, but my son gave me giggles– ephemeral, intangible, and worth more than riches that would make a greedy banking executive blush.

Today’s reflective pen: Parker 51 (I haven’t yet got a picture of the somewhat abused English-made vacumatic in a ruddy-brown that’s not quite the same as the Burgundy nor the Cordovan Brown of US pens, but lies between them)
Today’s slightly maudlin ink:  Diamine Rustic Brown (which, if I’d set out to match the pen body to the ink, I could hardly have done better)

p.s.  After writing the preceding nonsense, I finally catch up with my bloggery and find this item of Nemo’s.  I am, as ever, inarticulate when the need for condolence arises, trapped between feeling too familiar and too casual.

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