What's up at Ravens March.

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What’s a Ravens March

Ravens March is a whimsical enterprise devoted to maintaining items of communications technology of the previous century in functional order– fountain pens. For a more detailed explanation of how these mysterious archaic objects work, or how you can have me fix them, please visit the site rather than the blog. It will make me feel like I’ve actually accomplished something by setting up a website.

If you have any questions directly about a day’s pen, or any of the semi-coherent nonsense I otherwise spout here, feel free to leave a comment.  If you have a question about your own pen and its state of health, please use my primary site’s contact form.

Edit: you may notice, because it’s the vast majority of what I post here these days, that I seem to be more devoted to my writing muse than to pens of late.  This is not an entirely correct impression; it’s just the writing that’s being more regularly waved around in public, and that because I have a superstitious sense that if I don’t prove I’m still at it, I’ll stop.  The information above remains true; I am, in the case of fiction and fountain pens, polyamorous (indeed, we all slip between sheets of paper and have a grand time, the three of us).


9 Responses to “What’s a Ravens March”

  1. I’m so glad you found my blog, because it enabled me to find yours. My Pelikans, Viscontis, Parkers, Conklins, Mabie Todds, Conway Stewarts, and Sheaffers and I are very happy to meet you.

  2. I don’t know much about pens, but I am always interested in others’ interests, in their attention to the finest details of things. I enjoyed reading a few of your posts. Be well~

  3. Ned's Blog said

    I love the notion of this blog, and the sentiment behind it. I feel as though a part of me lives on with each remnant of “old world” communications technology you save 😉

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