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Tap Your Troubles Away

Posted by Dirck on 23 February, 2018

It has been a somewhat miserable week, and the semi-resuscitation of the site leaves me looking at the possibility of having to hand-edit back into proper shape rather more than six hundred pages of information.  This makes for, as I’m sure you’ll understand, a little blueness.  Also, it’s still February.  But the weekend is looming on the horizon, so let’s have a little fun.

As one who has danced in full armour in his youth… well, I’m glad it was a stately pavanne rather than the sort of thing those lads were getting up to.

Today’s pen: Parker 51
Today’s ink: Skrip Black


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Posted by Dirck on 22 February, 2018

Before getting to the usual meat of Thursday, the other sort of progress report.  I’ve fixed the thing that was broken with the site!  However, I broke some other stuff getting that accomplished.  You will get more than a blank screen now, but you won’t get the sought-for content.  Yet.  Work continues, when I’m able.

This Week’s Pens Inks How Much Novel Progress
  • 4,148 words typed.

Holy moly, that’s pretty good, eh?  I will dash water upon myself that pointing out that last week got exactly as much done as I reported here; absolutely nothing.  On average over the two weeks… a little scanty.

However, let be not cling to gloom.  This week’s big number is thanks to me having been at least prepared to get some work done away from The Regular Job, if the dual entertainments of decluttering and quivering in the throes of mental stress’s equivalent of the Bends allowed.  Monday was Family Day here in Saskatchewan (or, as we traditionalists call it What Do You Mean You Want An Actual Day Off In February Isn’t Valentine Chocolate Sufficient Day), and I actually found a couple of hours loose in the afternoon in which I could grapple with a keyboard.  That one session was equivalent to a full week’s working through lunch.

And so, I start to think, which is ever dangerous.  Shall I break in upon the relaxation of the weekend with this other sort of work?  Shall I take away time I might devote to baking an injurious dessert for the weekly family get-together?  Will I at last admit that time spent driving and destroying imaginary tanks, however little of it I do in a week, is not time best spent?  I think, given how long this novel is taking and how much is left, I had better give it a try.

Speaking of “how long”, my initial length estimate hilariously tells me that I have only 4,034 words left until completion.  The initial estimate is, and let me whisper where it cannot hear me, completely off its rocker. The more-likely estimate says a bit over 20,000 words yet to go. Which, at the pace of all weeks before this one, means another eight weeks of typing (curse you, groundhog!).  The idea of nearly doubling my pace begins to glow with attraction.

Which means I’d better get the site sorted out tonight.

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Posted by Dirck on 20 February, 2018

Anyone trying to look at my site right now will be seeing a pretty blank sheet.

Here’s what led to this.  First, I went to log into the dashboard, after spending a week furiously ignoring the internet.  I do so, and get this:

Well, OK.  Unusual, but let’s do.  That gets us this:

…and on and on and on.

Which eventually leads back to the first thing.  Which is frustrating.  I eventually find this helpful entry:

Yes, I find it becomes impenetrably technical, too. AND THERE’S MORE!

Which would have been helpful if there had been any way to NOT trigger that update pop-up in the first place.  So… until I can, in my non-technical, blundering, blind and thumbless manner, figure out how to fix this without getting into the “Administration Panel” which at the moment is hiding behind the first image in this post, the site is down.  There are instructions, but I have become a cave fish in this modern age, and will be a while developing my understanding.  Heck, I stopped being a competent computer user about the time 3.25″ floppies vanished from the world.

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Battered but Triumphant

Posted by Dirck on 9 February, 2018

I was going to recreate what should have appeared as last week’s Friday Film, but two things intervened.  The lesser thing was an idiot howling about a desire for a military parade.  The greater was that a friend, after a long, expensive, and exhausting campaign, wrested great victory from the clutching hands of Academia.  He was, if we may quote the musty phrase of Oxford’s capitulation, “granted leave to supplicate for the degree of Doctor of Philosophy.”

If anything deserves a victory parade, it’s a doctorate from Oxford.

A day of rejoicing and thanks!

Today’s unintentionally thematic pen: Kaweco Student
Today’s ink: Kaweco blue

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Posted by Dirck on 8 February, 2018

This Week’s Pens Inks How Much Novel Progress
  •  2,691 words typed.

As a small indication of the sort of time I’ve been enjoying the last couple of weeks; I only just now noticed that the thing I had meant to post last Friday… isn’t. Isn’t up. Isn’t around. Isn’t available. I put the effort into writing one, but there is no trace of it whatsoever. This gives me a slight headstart on tomorrow, since I have a memory of what it was, but to not have noticed at all AND to have it vanish is disconcerting.

I will not put this down to the Mandela effect, as much fun as side-slipping through the multiverse might be, but simply to my own stress-cracked brain. To address this issue, I’m taking next week off from The Regular Job. This may see a dose of writing done, since my son will be in school and he’s the main impediment to writing at home (I love him, and he loves me; his manifests as “you must watch this Annoying Orange video with me again” and mine manifests as submission to that insistence).  However, I may also just sleep for 127 hours without a break, too.  We’ll see how that works out.

One of the minor positive elements to not having sold the novel to anyone yet, nor secured an agent; no deadline.

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Posted by Dirck on 1 February, 2018

This Week’s Pens Inks How Much Novel Progress
  •  2,737 words typed.

You might think, with that relatively high word count, I’d be a happy fellow.

Hey, look, I’m using foreshadowing, like a writer.

It has, by most other metrics, been a fairly abominable week… and a bit.  I’m not going to share the whole sad yarn, but one form of woe which came to the house lately I will offer here, because it’s a kind which I have shared previously.  We have lost yet another cat.  This time, at least, it’s a loss which we saw coming, because unlike so many of the others, this chap lived to the sort of age we expect a cat to last to.  He was the child of she who passed from us eight years back (good heavens, but haven’t I been at this while?), and was creeping stealthily toward his nineteenth birthday.  Alas, like so many desirable prey will, it seems to have noticed him stalking it, and fled away.

He made a pretty good hunt of it, though.  Farewell to Oberon, then.

And because he was adopted by the wrong sort of people, his full name was Oberon Kenobi.

Our sole survivor, Hercule, is as bereft as you might expect from looking at this. Once we’ve cleaned up the place a little, we’ll be seeking new companions for him.

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