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Arbitrary Odometer Reading

Posted by Dirck on 30 December, 2016

I’m actually lounging at home right now.  However, since we do like to have end-of-year wrap-ups, I’ll offer the following:

  • I still quite like fountain pens, even if I’m not so overt and vocal about it as once I was;
  • I can use inks other than Diamine any time I want, really, it’s totally under control;
  • I do not at all like knee-displacing, but apparently am pretty good at recovering from it;
  • This has been a pretty good year for my creative aspect, as revealed by the stats at close of play yesterday:


Some will point out that these numbers fall well short of the novel I mean to have done in rather less than a year… and I have also noticed that.  However, nearly 190 of those first draft pages are the novel in question, and the completed word-count was done between spasms of first-draft writing.  It’ll be fine, I’m sure.  Oh, I should add to the year’s roster of accomplishments, in the light of the fact that I keep track of stats like that– I’ve avoided involuntary commitment again for the whole year!  What lunatic could wish for more?

Since it is also Friday, here’s a film which has zero connection whatever to the changing of the calendar.  It does, however, suggest a human urge to leave time-resistant artifacts.

Today’s pen: Jinhao 159
Today’s ink: Quink Black

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Friction Fit

Posted by Dirck on 8 April, 2016

I would be comfortable betting that most of the people who look in here are fans of craftsmanship in its general meaning.  With that in mind, here’s a little bit of pornography which is entirely safe for work.  Heck, you could share it with your kids and no prude in the world would say “boo” about it.

Isn’t that astonishing?

Today’s pen: Cross Century II
Today’s ink: Quink Black

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Posted by Dirck on 31 March, 2016

Day What How Much Duration Pen Ink
  • 28 March
  • 29 March
  •  30 March
  •  31 March
  • Second draft of  “The Loss of Deep Waters”.
  • First draft of “Exciting New Designer Jeans”.
  • Third Draft of “The Mermaid’s Husband”.
  • Third Draft of “Wilden Klausen” (title amended after consulting German people)
  • Done at 2,631 words.
  • Two manuscript pages.
  • Down to 7,111 words.
  • Only one darling killed, and a whole month before the deadline!
  • 45 min.
  • 35 min.
  • 45 min.
  • 35 min.

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Cracking On

Posted by Dirck on 9 October, 2014

I suspect that some of the followers of this screed (and… gosh, there’s a surprising number of you) occasionally have a thought pass through your head which runs along these lines: “I miss the old days when this guy would ramble incoherently about pens.”  Well, today we return, however briefly to the old school, as “The Healing Power of Crystals” is done, at a vexing 3,013 words.  I suppose I could edit it for a perfectly round 3,000, but that sounds like work.

Last weekend I finished a repair on an Imperial VI which made me very happy.  It was sent along by the original purchaser, who had in mind getting it back in service to give to his grandson, and apart from two little items, there was nothing it needed but fresh sac and seals.  Those little items?  Let’s have a look:


The big deal was a crack, about two centimeters long (say 3/4″ for those who swing that way).  Actually, it was sort of a proto-crack, as it wasn’t letting pressure out, but it still wanted attention.  Thus, I had a run at it with solvent welding.  The results were cosmetically imperfect but physically secure.  The other item was a bent clip, which was the sort of bend that could be dealt with in situ.  The results?

Sheaffer R253

Now, the lesson here is to beware online images.  The clip is fixed, as you see it.  The cosmetically imperfect crack, though… well, the point of this picture was to show a capped Imperial IV of a different colour on my site rather than to display my powers of repair.  The image has been… retouched.

In other news, the TWSBI 540 I have is now a decorative item.  In the course of cleaning it, the piston jammed (and I need to consult the fora to see if anyone has has lubrication failure from Diamine Syrah use, because that shouldn’t have happened).  The piston mechanism drove itself backwards as a result, and the consequence is a dirty great crack in the tail of the barrel.


I should start using the new camera for this stuff. It has image stabilization.

I am currently pondering whether or not I make TWSBI formally aware of this development.  I was considering the purchase of a 580 anyway, and I don’t want to presume upon the company’s remarkably liberal customer service policies for what my moral element suggests is personal gain.  Opinions are welcome, but may not be acted upon.  I’m not going to attempt to fix it myself, as I lack the right stuff to work with polycarbonate; awareness of limitations is my strongest power.

Oh, there’s some very exciting news to appear publicly at the start of next week, which is pen-related and is also extremely personally satisfying.  Stand by, followers!

…at which point Stan Lee would shout “Excelsior!”  That’s his thing, though.

Today’s pen: Parker 50
Today’s ink: Quink black

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That Most Wonderful Season

Posted by Dirck on 3 October, 2014

I think anyone who has been reading this work for a while will realize that I am no fan of winter– more of a cowering subject of winter, I suppose.  However, the descent into the tyrant’s cruel reign has a small sop.



Stand by for stuff of varying creepiness over the next few Fridays.  We start with a couple of Lugosi-connected oddities (because the first one is pretty short); a home-made trailer for the 1931 Dracula, a dance video contrived with scenes from 1932’s White Zombie.  What adds to them is this lurking background question… what lunacy would prompt such works?

Today’s non-thematic pen: Parker 50
Today’s marginally-thematic ink: Quink black

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Posted by Dirck on 30 September, 2014

WHAT: Second draft of “The Blue Room”.

HOW MUCH: 861 words.

HOW LONG: 40 min.

Today’s Pen: Parker 50
Today’s ink: Quink black

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Posted by Dirck on 22 September, 2014

WHAT: First draft of “The Blue Room.”

HOW MUCH: Six manuscript pages.

HOW LONG: 35 min.

This is, and I note it mainly for my own amusement, the first day of writing with an old Sheaffer cartridge pen brought specifically for the task rather than the current desk pen.  Apart from being slightly worried about running out of desk pen ink (the current bottle, from April of last year, is getting rather low), it’s nice to reconnect with my first real writing tool for this exercise.

Today’s Pen: Parker 50
Today’s ink: Quink black (a bottle from the ’70s or ’80s, containing Solv-X; it certainly has no flow issues, as the new stuff is accused of)

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Terms of Endearment

Posted by Dirck on 30 August, 2013

A friend pointed this out to me, and I thought it was whimsical enough for the Friday Film, even if it does go horribly wrong at the “pen” point–

Frankly, wouldn’t füllerfederhalter have been just as comically intimidating as kugelscrieber?

Today’s pen: Parker 65 (yep, I really quite like this pen)
Today’s ink: Quink black (even with this ink in it)

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What’s That First Step?

Posted by Dirck on 27 August, 2013

Standing at the front of the well-attended auditorium, I take a deep breath and say the nearly-ritual opening line.  “Hello, everyone.  I have a thinking problem.”  Polite supportive applause from those who know how it is.

Like Ray Milland, my problem came to light over a weekend.  Last weekend, in fact.  Unlike Ray Milland’s case, the problem was not underlined by an inability to pawn a typewriter for the price of one more ounce of sweet, sweet hooch, although there was a keyboard involved.  I got an e-mail from a very nice person.

This very nice person is a pen enthusiast living along the west coast of North America– there are a few of them out that way, I understand– and we’ve brushed past each other in one forum or another for some time.  This communication was via the anti-spam doodad on my site, and concerned the site.  I had, to my eternal shame, mis-identified a pen.  Because this person is a nice person, the message was not simply “Hey, that’s not a TRZ.”  The explanation of how she could tell it wasn’t a TRZ was included, in which it was revealed to have been a collaborative effort with another pen enthusiast living somewhat further south along that same coast.  A persuasive explanation, indeed, and one I could not answer.

The thinking problem?  An utter lack of citation, which I adopted as a conscious policy.   I decided at the start of my relight that I wasn’t going to litter the site with cites, you see, as some of the information I was importing from the site’s original site was thoroughly uncited and I had no vision of how to go back and fill in the blanks.  Too much effort, no formal peer review, no publisher to please apart from my own index finger.  No citation.  So, when some of the more flawed material on that page had a light shone on it, I couldn’t even say, “But that guy over there said!”

I’m a bad scholar.  But, I’m not a bad scholar with dug-in heels.  The page in question no longer erroneously speaks of the Sheaffer TRZ, but more correctly describes its successor, the Fashion.  I find that the old data, which I have squirrelled away in a private location against the day when I actually have a TRZ in hand and can with a clear conscience say somewhat unsupported stuff about it once again, has eluded the nets of the ‘Nets.  The Wayback Machine’s last visit to my door was long before I threw up the wrong material, so in as much as some of it is right, none of it is (I think) in the public eye any longer.  One aspect of vanity laments, while another dances a little jig of relieved celebration.

I want to mention another note I received on the same day.  Another nice person, a pen enthusiast from Australia– there are a few of them out that way, I understand– had a tentative identification to offer for one of my mystery pens.  While I had to decline it (this pen’s name is legion, and I was moved to update the page with a little more on that topic as well as filling in the dimensions), the exchange offered the interesting possibility, even likelihood,  that the nice person in question is the very same nice person who saved me from that white Pelikan a week earlier.  If that isn’t an award-winningly globe-spanning example of “small world, ain’t it?” I don’t know what is.

Today’s pen: Parker 65
Today’s ink: Quink Black

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Sudden Disabilities

Posted by Dirck on 19 August, 2013

I’ll only touch briefly upon what happened to pre-empt me on Friday, as the details are no fun.  The night before, I had picked up a meal at a painfully understaffed fast-food establishment.  My wife declined to finish her burger after the second bite, on the grounds that it “tastes funny.”  I said that my chicken had not shared that attribute, although it was less firm than usual upon reflection.  Friday saw me leave the house feeling what I took to be only slightly stiff, as one will after an awkward sleep, but I became more unwell as the day went on.  I was able to leave a couple of comments about the interwebz in which I mistook “snark” for “clever” before the sudden realization that the best phrase to describe myself was a cylinder of highly-compressed… well, we’ll leave it at that.

This made the next day a bit of a trial, as while I was no longer directly affected by Salmonella enterica or its affiliated organisms I was pretty tired out.  My wife had one of her craft sales in a nearby town, and I was faced with lad-wrangling in an unfamiliar setting.  The town lies on the face of a vast glacial runnel that constitutes one of the few serious land-forms in the region, a valley without benefit of mountains.  Much going up and down while my son sought enjoyment and diversion.

As any parent of a young child will relate, part of the wrangling duty on a long excursion will inevitably include a stop in at a washroom.  In the course of helping my son dealing with the mysteries of trouser-elevation, my pen leapt from my pocket.  I’d taken the faithful Lamy Vista with an eye towards the perils of flouncing about an unfamiliar town, so it was up to the stresses of a small plummet, and it didn’t produce much in the way of stress in me… except for the way in which its tumble launched the pen proper from its cap.  The cap hardly moved from where it had fallen, but the pen shot along the floor, going into the next stall.

And stopping just a little to the far side of the foot of the fellow occupying that stall.

“Oh, blast,” said I, hoping to prompt that chap to nudge the pen towards me, as in this context a questing hand often brings offence.

“Hang on,” the chap said, in the tone of one who recognizes the conundrum and wished to reassure that he’s not going to make the event even more uncomfortable.  Presently, a hand descended into view.  It very nearly made contact before it stopped, hesitated, and withdrew with fingers curled in a bit, almost as if the pen had suddenly hissed at its approach.

The delay was only a few moments, and then the hand took up the pen and moved it to where I could get it without seriously groping about under the partition.  The hand was holding the pen way down by the tail, though, as far from the point as was possible.

I have a notion that the chap has no idea what sort of thing he was handling, and was at pains to avoid the dangerous-looking bit.  Oh, dear.

I don’t blame him.  While I make much of the current renaissance the fountain pen is enjoying, clearly it’s still not a commonplace object which everyone is familiar with.  The Vista is a pretty aggressive-looking object too; if one doesn’t have “writing instrument” in their head when regarding it, being concerned about where the trigger might be is only sensible.

Clearly an advertising campaign is it order, reassuring the general public.  We don’t want people going lame in the face of a Lamy.

Today’s pen: Parker 65 (which was with me on Friday as well, but didn’t get much of a run)
Today’s ink: Quink Black

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