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Posted by Dirck on 21 December, 2017

This Week’s Pens Inks How Much Novel Progress
  • 3,526 words typed.

Thank you, extended action sequence! That balances out last weeks miserable plodding nicely.

This week has been remarkably productive, indeed.  Not only that great outpouring of novel, but I got a little story up on the other enterprise as well, AND… well, let me show you a very nice thing indeed from my profile on Submittable:

I have not been diligently submitting my stories, since most of my thoughts are filled with novel, but I have been poking away at it, and that poking had pulled out a plum!  I won’t mention the name of the publication just yet, fearful of drawing the ire of Fate under the Counting Of Chickens Act of 1609; rest assured, there will be a big fat link to them as the date of presentation firms up.  This is a pretty wonderful Christmas present for me, even if it did appear a couple of weeks ahead of the official day of HoHoHo.



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Posted by Dirck on 14 December, 2017

This Week’s Pens Inks How Much Novel Progress
  •  1539 words typed.  Wait… what?!

Yeah, that word count is accurate.  Technically.  I did a stupid thing yesterday– I took another look at my first chapter.  It seems that despite having been conscious at the time, or so I claim, I did not apply sufficient thought to the thing.  It needed a good deal of work, because it spent a sad amount of energy introducing a character who does not appear in any subsequent chapter.

That is… not a good way to tell a story.  I know this.  I have known this for a while.  Why I forgot entirely not only back in August but also the previous November (second draft, yes?) is a dark mystery.  At least I noticed it before I handed it around to a lot of readers, so I haven’t damaged my reputation in the eyes of any but myself– and I’m well aware than I’m a vast collection of flaws lodged in a matrix of well-marbled meat.

The fix, which had created a vastly superior opening chapter, did so at the cost of about eight hundred words of length.  Eight hundred gangrenous words that needed to go, certainly, but however medically necessary, an amputation always leaves a smaller patient.  That and a relatively steep bit of revision on the part of the story I was already working on this week produces what looks like a very poor week for output indeed.

But I am working, damn it.  To the spectral figure of Work Ethic who floats about my head, I say stop hounding me!

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Posted by Dirck on 7 December, 2017

This Week’s Pens Inks How Much Novel Progress
  • 2744 words typed

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Posted by Dirck on 30 November, 2017

This Week’s Pens Inks How Much Novel Progress
  • 2130 words typed

Why such a low week? Well, apart from the efforts called for by events mentioned on Monday, yesterday’s writing session finished with me saying, “Well, that’s it for today.  Time to save!” followed immediately by the failure of power in the entire northern half of the city.  Autosave meant that I only lost about a third of the work… but still.  Boo.

Oh, for those who are putting a bow on their NaNoWriMo efforts today, let me offer this admission of marginal defeat:

Marginal defeat, of course, because I’m not actually running that race, and if I claimed to be you could all shout Cheat! because that’s not talking about the first draft and I started in late August.  I mention it only because it’s (sort of) close to the official participant’s goal.

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Mea Culpa (Non Vere)

Posted by Dirck on 27 November, 2017

I found out over the weekend that my site was cranking spam out into the world.  Are you one of the evident thousands receiving a come-on from my front page, urging the purchase of (probably not real) Ray-Ban sunglasses.  I am heartily sorry that this has happened.

However, I deny all but the slenderest shred of fault for it.  And I’ll explain why.

The fact of the spam first came to my attention when my brother, who got the ball rolling on the whole family name-as-domain thing some ages ago, was told by our ISP that my end of the domain was up to no good, and we’d better cut it out.  When he told me on Friday, my response was in essense, “What? What the…? How? Huh?” because that’s how evident the problem was to me.  From what we could tell from the overly-complex email the ISP sent, the problem lay in a contact form.

So, I jumped into action and updated the contact form plug-in which I had got from WordPress.

And on Sunday, the ISP-brother-me chain was activated with the same message.  He actually talked to a tech at the other end, who told him yes, it’s doing it right now.  My response was the same as Friday’s, with extra vigour and some swearing.  I clambered onto my computer, and found that I was indeed using the latest available version of that plug-in. So, let’s try something else:

"Visit plugin site" link

Not that I was VERY hopeful, but explanation may lie there…

What I found was a big notice, which began thus:

Explaining that plug-in was sold to a villain

Which disjointed my nose somewhat.  It would have been nice if WordPress’s response to me poking the UPDATE button on Friday had been a declaration that I wasn’t going to get a supported item, even if they didn’t tell me “this is now a horrible infection under control of a venomous reptile.”  Having now been told about the venomous reptile, I deleted the contact form entirely.

Which means that right now, no one can contact me through my site.  But, hopefully, no one is being pestered by my site, which balances out my inconvenience.

You can see, I hope, how I decline to accept this as my fault.  Much blame to the unthinking brute who decided to abuse trust in this way.  Some to WordPress for the failure to mention this might be an issue.  I’ll take a tiny share for not paying a little more attention, but apart from not looking into the plug-in site every damn time I update, I don’t feel like I’ve really been unduly negligent.

I also save an enormous slice of the Your Fault cake for that toxic spirit of our age, Capitalism. The reptile mentioned above is clearly inspired by urge to gain profit regardless of who it might inconvenience.  Since my ISP was suggesting a possible solution to the problem was the shutting down of my site, not only would I more than momentarily lose contact with people who might like a repaired, and they with me, but the broader informational aspects of the site would be gone.  I have no illusions about the depth of my scholarship, but it is pretty wide-ranging, and more than a few people seem to enjoy having it around.

So, boo to unfettered filthy greed.  I continue to experience a breed of suffering, as an updating of the whole site leaves it looking rather funny, and I need to put that right.  I also need to find another contact form, and since I’m now afraid of all of them, this might take a while.

Today’s indignant pen: TWSBI Classic
Today’s reticent ink: Diamine Oxford Blue

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Posted by Dirck on 23 November, 2017

This Week’s Pens Inks How Much Novel Progress
  • 2992 words typed


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Posted by Dirck on 16 November, 2017

This Week’s Pens Inks How Much Novel Progress
  • 2125 words typed (long weekend)

Also, here’s a thing that happened this week:

Which is encouraging in two contradictory ways.  The first is obvious enough– oh boy, halfway done!

But… am I, really?  Remember, the gauge is based on an estimate of the word count based on a comparison of previous projects’ first draft page counts to final word counts.  “Estimate” can be accurate, or not.  So, let me run something by you.  When I finished the most recent bout of typing, I closed my manuscript and held a ruler up to it.  When gently compressed, it is a stack of paper roughly 3 cm tall.  The sticky-note which indicates where I left off is about 1 cm from the top.

…so I may be more in the order of 33% finished.  Which is great in terms of what the final word count may be; possibly as much as 100,000, a much more genre-appropriate weight (in as much as this thing fits a genre– closest to horror, although… have I mentioned this?… there is a tendril extending into the camp of detective fiction).  Wonderful!  Fantastic!

Those who know my capacity for dashing cold water on my own head will already have noticed the other hand presented by this second encouragement, though– I have been speaking of an estimated finishing date sometime in the first half of February.


It begins to look as if I’m in for a longer haul….

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Posted by Dirck on 9 November, 2017

This Week’s Pens Inks How Much Novel Progress
  • 2,297 words typed

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Posted by Dirck on 2 November, 2017

This Week’s Pens Inks How Much Novel Progress
  • 2,021 words typed

I notice a couple of things.  Yesterday was the start of NaNoWriMo, and tomorrow is the anniversary of my first word on paper for this novel.  There’s a connection, of course, because I arbitrarily set the start of the latter to co-incide with the former, and then buggered up my own timing slightly.  I continue to be pleased that I said NawNoHeyNo to the prospect of trying to finish in a month, because that expectation would have me feeling like a colossal failure by now.

The other thing I notice is that my word count for the week is low, thanks to the Hallowe’en thing I did over on my other front.  Not colossal failure, but it’s not helping the cause; I believe I’ll be doing some extra work tonight and tomorrow to advance things.  All the same, very nearly half-done the current draft, so the nebulous early- to mid-February finish line remains in place.

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Posted by Dirck on 26 October, 2017

This Week’s Pens Inks How Much Novel Progress
  • 3,111 words typed

A small item of note this week:

Yes, that cat is startled that I’ve passed the hundred-page mark in my efforts, as am I.  I’m also fairly pleased that this falls at the point I’m at in the story, because it means that I am very likely to end up with a longer word-count than the first-draft projections indicated.  And that means that I won’t be devastated when I am told by an editor that great dripping chunks of it have to go, because even with necessary surgical reduction it won’t be reduced to something too small for a publisher to consider.  I hope.

Also, about that cat– the image is a tiny segment of a seasonal desktop wallpaper offered by the artistic genius whose serialized works appear here.  She offered it to her Patreon supporters, so if you want to see the whole wonderful thing you’ll have to consider supporting an artist.

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