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Why does this blog almost make sense?

As part of an update of this page, I’d like to first quote what used to be the entirety of the text you’d find here:

Unlike sensible people, I don’t prepare myself for writing apart from a little cognitive activity to dredge up a subject. With very few exceptions what you read here is composed during a lunch hour in which I’ve had a fifteen or twenty walk and eaten something. If it gets a little rambly or obscure, keep in mind that it’s almost unedited stream of consciousness. I’m pretty pleased with how close to coherent it lies.

This is not completely untrue now, although that sort of post has become few and far between.  If you look back to the ides of January 2014, you’ll see the point at which a revelation came to me– rather than spending my lunch breaks bringing forth (possibly) entertaining and (perhaps) informative posts possibly (frequently) in need of editing, and spending time lamenting how I did not have time to get any fiction writing done, I could actually use those lunch breaks to slowly churn out the fiction and lay off the lamentation.

And that’s what I’ve been doing since.  It makes this enterprise rather less entertaining, alas, but there’s more fulfillment of my ambitions, more pursuit of what I would like to call my vocation, and since we are forever told to love what we do, I choose to continue doing what I love.  There’s still plenty of opportunity for lamentation, since I’m still of the opinion that real-and-for-true Writer status relies on clearing the keepers of the Gates of Publishing, those who we name with trembling voice and lowered gaze… editors.  Like the earlier lamentation, though, I keep it to where it only annoys my friends and family.


7 Responses to “Why does this blog almost make sense?”

  1. Lana (otherwise known as yer wifey) said

    Maybe I should do more, or some, of your proofreading.

    “With very few exceptions what you read here is composed during a lunch hour in which I’ve had a fifteen or twenty MINUTE walk and eaten something.”

    I know I probably should have just mentioned this at dinner tomorrow, but I’m pretty certain I would have forgotten by then.

    Still breathing,

    • I leave the lapse to prove the necessity of the comment…

      …oh, heck! My wife’s found my blog! Now I’ll have to think twice about overstatements made for dramatic purposes!

  2. guy said

    Why not write with one of your pens, then type it in later? You could edit as you type it in.

    But perhaps you already do that.

    • The limiting factor is still my ability to type. The main difference between preparing ahead and typing as composing would be I’d lose the excuse of being on the fly for my strange composition– I’d still be creeping back to insert words and rearrange “teh”s.

  3. Hi there,
    I found your blog from FPN and I enjoyed it a lot.
    Thanks for it.
    Your new reader fan from Chile
    All the best

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