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Status Report

Posted by Dirck on 6 December, 2010

Lacking anything clever to say, I’ll briefly brag about the very little I got accomplished over the weekend.  The last of my latest eBay sales came due, and the tiny but elegant Sheaffer Compact I’d owned a little longer than I should is now on its way to a new owner in Switzerland.  I hope the new owner has slightly smaller hands than I do.  This, however, is merely reaping the fruit of last week’s efforts.

Actual effort for this week sees the Sheaffer Special I was complaining about a couple of weeks ago finished.  This took longer than it might, but I had an artificially extended deadline, so I could let the sac protector really lounge in the rubbing alcohol to remove all traces of the gooey sac.  The same session saw the refitting of a Sheaffer Target which needed its feed realigned with the point, and a couple of Parker Challengers, a full-size in grey and a slender in red, taken right apart, cleared of old ink and sacs, and mostly put back together.  “Mostly”, because the section of the big one would profit greatly from a good long soak before the feed and point are put back in, and so it was left for another day.  Finally, I cleaned the test ink from a Vacumatic Junior, misidentified as a Debutante and as golden pearl (it’s green, and I was confusing it with a Major that came in about the same time) in a previous mention, having proven that the thing does not leak from any joint, and that it is willing to write with a point once shaped like an inverted beckoning finger.

This was not the most productive weekend ever, pen wise, but when looking at how much of that was managed in a single hour on Sunday (thanks to my son’s latest round of insomnia and the way my wife and I split the child-handling on the weekends in an effort to preserve her sanity), I’m going to take some pride in it.

What I didn’t manage to do was undo a Vacumatic filler from a Parker “51” which has become glued together by the India ink some thoughtful person put into the pen.  That’s going to take a little more effort and attention.  I should like to press for an international convention in labelling requiring India ink to carry NOT FOR FOUNTAIN PENS warnings in several languages, and arrange to have it come into effect in 1932.  It would have saved a lot of tears over the decades.  One of the things I did with that Debutante Junior was scrape the feed clear of the damn stuff, and I don’t want to get into the state of the “51”s collector.

Today’s undemanding pen: Parker Moderne
Today’s non-fiendish ink: Pelikan 4001 Brilliant Brown

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