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Art: Self-Satisfying Photos


This is not, of course, a blog for photography.  There’s plenty of those around, many done by people who mix inborn talent and long-cultivated skill.  However, I got a camera which makes up for some of my deficiencies in the latter, and while I don’t claim any developed manifestation of the former, I like to dabble.  What will develop here will be a very limited gallery of pictures which I took and which I think are (relatively) splendid.  Praise is more generally due to the subjects and the camera than to the photographer.  It’s also probably worth clicking on them for a bigger view.

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"Carene Noir" 17 Aug. 1014

“Carène Noir” 17 Aug. 1014

"Le Petit Hercule"

“Le Petit Hercule”  17 Aug. 2014

"Cat's Breakfast, or The Pensive Violet"

“Cat’s Breakfast, or The Pensive Violet”  17 Aug 2014

Statesman Triumvirate, 29 August 2014

“Statesman Triumvirate” 29 Aug. 2014

The Model Has Tired of Sitting, 29 August 2014

“The Model Has Tired of Sitting” 29 Aug. 2014

Pitiful, 30 Aug 2014

“Pitiful” 30 Aug 2014

Inbound, 31 Aug. 2014

“Inbound” 31 Aug. 2014

Architect of Empire, 1 Sept. 2014

“Architect of Empire” 31 Aug. 2014

Orbiting, 31 Aug. 2014

“Orbiting” 31 Aug. 2014

Barking Mad

“Barking Mad” 1 Sept. 2014

Can't You Keep It Down? 1 Sept. 2014

“Can’t You Keep It Down?” 1 Sept. 2014

"Fall's Best Day" 26 Oct. 2014

“Fall’s Best Day” 26 Oct. 2014

"Hallowe'en Success" 31 Oct. 2014

“Hallowe’en Success” 31 Oct. 2014

The Wrong Bar

“The Wrong Bar” 1 Nov. 2014

Why Do You Let It Winter?

“Why Do You Let It Winter?” 1 Nov. 2014

March Foliage

“March Foliage” 25 March 2016

Snow Lace, 24 March 2016

“Snow Lace” 24 March 2016

The Darling Buds of Late Winter, 24 March 2016

“The Darling Buds of Late Winter” 24 March 2016

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The photographs on this page by Dirck de Lint are licensed under a Creative Commons Attribution 4.0 International License.


4 Responses to “Art: Self-Satisfying Photos”

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  2. […] Self-Satisfying Photos […]

  3. Very nice! I love your cat photos – you have some very photogenic subjects!

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