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Those Who Stand and Wait

Regular looking in at the ever-growing compendium of notable pen luminaries’ “daily carries” at the Fountain Pen Geeks site and the Weekly Loadouts at edjelley.com can give a pen fancier a sense of inferiority.  While I can’t justify carrying more than one pen a day… well, possibly two… I generally have more pens on the go than the one mentioned at the end of each entry.  In the interests of both full disclosure and salving my ego, I’m going to keep a record of the unsung pens; desk pens, weekend pens, pens for hazardous duty.  They will occasionally change, of course.

On the desk at The Regular Job: 1950 version of the Parker 51 desk model, loaded with Diamine Midnight.

For lunch-break writing intervals, the cheap and cheerful TWSBI Eco, filled with Diamine Oxford Blue.

Esterbrook W407

 Also at The Regular Job: Esterbrook 444 Dipless (aka Old Faithful) full of Diamine Classic Red, which rather clogs in a fountain pen.

Standing by to give the weekly rotation pens a break on Saturday and Sunday is the TWSBI Go, also filled with  Diamine Oxford Blue because sometimes this pen gets used for first drafts, too, and that’s the Official Ink of Fiction at the moment.

For gardening and other hazardous duty, the first version pen to bear the name Pelikan Twist, full of the company’s own black; it’s cheap, it’s not a dear gift from a friend, yet it is a Pelikan and very nice to use. It also reminds me of my days in University and the terrible fashion choices available in that time.

Lying in wait for the unwary pen-grabbing co-worker is a Pilot Varsity loaded with whatever it is Pilot puts in those things.  You can borrow a pen from me, sure, even wander off with it… but it’s going to be a fountain pen.


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