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And it’s not even Christmas yet!

Posted by Dirck on 13 December, 2010

 In both the giving and receiving department, this past weekend has been a Dickensian bonanza– Christmas not as a religious event but as a forum for expressing the giving nature of humans.  Before I illustrate this, I’ll briefly addess the notion of a extracting the religion from a seriously Christian word (and I actually have an upcoming post fermenting on the same topic which I might not be too bashful to post).  To be curt, while I understand why the faithful might get cranky about this sort of cultural appropriation, but to those cranky people I suggest that the generosity of spirit that the secular approach to Christmas implies is at very least a nod to your faith’s underlying principals, if not an admission of envy.  So, cranky ones, be of good cheer.

Under receiving, I run back the clock slightly to a gift not mentioned in the birthday reports of last week, since it was only over the weekend I was able to watch the lately-released and nearly-complete version of Fritz Lang’s Metropolis.  What was a somewhat interesting but slightly obscure film becomes, after getting back the 40% that was missing, a very interesting epic.  No spoilers, but I will say that Brigette Helm cannot have been paid enough for some of the stuff she had to stand for that role, and that H.G. Wells was crammed to the rafters with sour grapes when he reviewed the uncut version.  If you have the fortitude to endure a silent film of more than two hours length, you should see this thing.

I also got a glut of the correspondence previously lamented over.  Not all the absent correspondents are represented, but enough to leave me with substantial writing duties in the immediate future.

Giving came at the end of a day of Christmas shopping.  The whole family left the house at 11:00am, and we were wrapping up the expedition with a stop at the grocery store at about 7:00pm.  Despite the length of the day amongst mad shoppers, we all three remained in an unnaturally good humour.  I should indeed count my son’s day-long mildness in the “receiving” catergory.  Let me reach that for you, tiny old woman.  Only one item to purchase?  Then pray go ahead of us in line.  The culmination was the panhandler outside the store, who one may assume to have been in actual straits given the weather (nature was not in a giving mood, apart from frost-bite), to whom I gave the entire collection of clanky change I was carrying at the time, without a moment of reflection.  Since in Canada we have coins of one and two dollars denomination, this fistful of change may well have been enough for a trip to a low-end restaurant.

I’m actually somewhat startled to have done this, and can only assume I had been inhabited by the fur-trimmed Spirit of Christmas Present.  The sensations in the wake of it are, on the balance, good, but I’m not sure I can entirely recommend it.  Of course, if you think about it ahead of the doing, you’ve already missed part of the action. 

Before I ring off, I’ll mention that the Long March did not finish the shopping entirely, and I’ll likely have to devote a lunch or two before the 25th to finishing up the process.  I am in a giving frame, but I cannot give as many words to the world as I might.

Today’s pen: Parker Duofold
Today’s ink: Herbin’s Lis de Thé

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