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Resolution has Other Meanings

Posted by Dirck on 31 December, 2010

The thing escaping resolution at the moment is a Waterman Stalwart (probably), which is apparently gently leaking on its owner.  I say apparently, because I find myself on the other end of that unhappy phenomenon we all know, in which the day we’re going to take the car in to have a mechanic look, it refuses to present symptoms.

“But honestly, it was going grunk-chugga-hiss when I dropped it off,” you cry, and the honest mechanic shrugs.  The dishonest one hands you a bill for Veeblfletzer Reharmonizing and shop supplies.

It’s not doing it for me, and I’ll probably try a new sac just ‘cuz and see what reports that produces.  Happily, the owner is local so there’s no to-and-fro in the mails.

Today’s baffled pen:  Parker 51 Vac (UK)
Today’s uncommunicative ink:  Diamine Rustic Brown

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