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Posted by Dirck on 24 January, 2020

First, this lovely eulogy regarding one of my childhood heroes (yes, really– my childhood was a little eccentric):

Now, let’s be hopeful. This is the end of a series of videos, but the first that presented itself to me. Are you ready to revel in scholarship and skill? Then let’s begin.

…and yes, I would like one of those coats scaled to fit my thuggish dimensions.

Today’s pen: Parker 51
Today’s ink: Skrip black

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I Usually Don’t Like Peas

Posted by Dirck on 19 July, 2010

An item of loot from online auctions arrived here on Friday. For a change, it was not a pen….
A naval pea-coat

It’s not precisely summery, is it? Well, winter is never far from the thoughts of a sensible person in this part of the world. That aside, why would I buy a pea-coat, and why would I be particularly excited about it.

On the first point, one of the various holes in my wardrobe is a shorter winter coat. I have a coat which comes down very nearly to my ankles, with a removable liner which means it’s not only for winter but a good rain-coat was well, but it does happen that one occasionally finds a long coat inconvenient. Something shorter like this is exactly what I need to replace the rather modern bomber jacket I’ve got, as it looks rather better with the rest of my clothes and won’t expose my kidneys to the winter’s blast if I happen to bend over.

Why the excitement? Oh, that’s simple (in many meanings of that word). It is an authentic item of vintage clothing… which fits me! Size 52! I might well have bought a cocktail dress made to accomodate my dimensions, so to find something that’s not inherently unattractive and has some actual practicality to it makes my head swim!

Today’s giddy pen: Waterman Crusader
Today’s ink trying to keep a straight face: Mont Blanc Racing Green

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Health Tips

Posted by Dirck on 2 June, 2010

I’ve mentioned in an other forum and at some length elsewhere that writing with a fountain pen is a good thing, for diverse reasons. I know, although I can’t link to it just now, that I’ve commented on the health benefits of fountain pen use, but I’ll repeat myself briefly. The ease of writing is such that one’s wrist is subject to less strain, and thus creeping arthritis is staved off, or nascent arthritis is slightly mollified. Hooray for the fountain pen!

I’m not, though, primarily interested in the pens today (I’m sure I’ll get over it). On my lunch walk today, I realized that my vintage mode of dress is actually far better for me than a modern outfit would be. How so? Starting at the head– I wear a fedora generally, or in season either a Panama hat or a broad-brimmed slouch hat. I do this mainly to complete my look (and in the winter to keep my ears attached), but there is also a small consciousness of the current state of the ozone layer. All my hats cast a wide shadow, defending nose, ears and face from the harmful overabundance of UV light we’ve been saddled with by Thomas Midgly (one of history’s great monsters). Were I given to the popular modern ball-cap, there would be much less coverage, and frankly I can’t see wearing a ball cap in anything other than its correct context.

My other health tip is a little less provable. Because I frequently wear a waistcoat, I can as frequently wear a set of suspenders (or braces, for those who feel the former word is limited to lingerie). Some days I wear a belt, and I find I’m slightly out of sorts on belt days. I put this down to the pressure the belt puts on the organs of digestion. I should mention that my trousers fit properly; the waist size actually reflects how far around I am, rather than some fanciful number brought along since early adolescence as the assumed size. If you find things squishing out the top of your waistband, it’s time to reconsider the wardrobe. Without a belt or an ill-fitted waistband, peristalsis and other interior processes can proceed freely, and a happier outlook is the reward.

I admit that this is entirely empirical and unscientific. I can no more prove that suspenders are good for you than I can that a pill of molasses, ram’s horn and sulfur will rectify the phlegmatic humour (and I seriously suggest against trying that pill). But if you consider the natural state of a human, placing a lot of needless pressure against the innards seems a bad idea, doesn’t it?

Today’s homeopathic pen: Sheaffer 5-30SR
Today’s saturnine ink: Skrip blue

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