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Daddy, Meet Dada

Posted by Dirck on 22 January, 2016

I think I’m like many modern parents in my uneasy relationship with Youtube.  It offers innocent if occasionally baffling entertainments to our children, but it doesn’t appear to differentiate one sort of animation from another and that leads to thoughts of doing terrible, terrible things to Seth McFarlane when some of his more profoundly racist and/or sexist stuff appears in the Up Next sidebar.

I’m not quite which direction I lean in on this item, though.  It’s amusing, certainly, and it’s good to have something I can laugh at with my son, but… well, I’m no serious student of art, but (as with pornography), I know Dadaism when I see it.  I’m not sure the kid is really ready for that.

Today’s pen, unless it’s a hat floating above a pine meadow: Sheaffer Sentinel
Today’s ink, squirting ants away from an unprotected human eyeball: Jentle blue-black

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Rough Week

Posted by Dirck on 15 January, 2016

I will admit that I am less affected by the loss of David Bowie than by that of Alan Rickman.  I don’t mean to diminish his larger body of work nor to suggest that his fans are mourning too loud– I just wasn’t a fan of his the way I was a fan of Rickman.  That’s why only one of them is showing up here today.

Today’s pen: Sheaffer Sentinel
Today’s ink: Jentle blue-black

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Posted by Dirck on 7 January, 2016

Day What How Much Duration Pen Ink
  • 4 January
  • 7 January
  • Morose contemplation of life’s inequities.
  • Second draft of “All the Old Familiar Faces”.
  • About all one should.
  • 975 words typed.
  • Ongoing, but now as a background.
  • 55 min.

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Posted by Dirck on 23 December, 2015

Day What How Much Duration Pen Ink
  • 21 December
  • 22 December
  • 23 December
  • First draft of “All the Old Familiar Faces”.
  • First draft completed.
  • Third draft of “Old Home Week”.
  • Seven pages.
  • Three pages.
  • All amendments
  • 55 min.
  • 35 min.
  • 40 min.

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Posted by Dirck on 17 December, 2015

Day What How Much Duration Pen Ink
  • 14 December
  • 15 December
  • 16 December
  • 17 December
  • First draft of a silly little seasonal flash item, and more or less the second draft, too.
  • Third draft of the previous, because my readers are wonderful, willing people.
  • First draft of “All the Old Familiar Faces”.
  • Some non-fiction stuff that was demanding my attention, and preparation for a new roll-out of fiction.
  • 944 words typed.
  • Two problematic paragraphs.
  • Six pages.
  • Three pages.
  • 55 min.
  • 50 min.
  • 40 min.
  • 25 min

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Spitting Image

Posted by Dirck on 26 April, 2013

Less a film today than a bit of playing with the properties of the ol’ eyeballs. I speculate, because I’m too lazy to actually go digging for it, that what happens to the images is an artifact of the blind spot on the retina.

I would also imagine that this is going to lead to all sorts of conspiracy theorists making noise about the shape-shifting aliens that run Hollywood.

Today’s pen: Sheaffer (Sailor) Sentinel
Today’s ink: Skrip black

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The Creeping Snail of Inspiration

Posted by Dirck on 15 April, 2013

I’m sure everyone has had this sort of sensation– you have an idea so good, so appropriate to your designs, that you feel like an idiot for not having had it a very long time earlier.  My latest version of this came to me rather late yesterday, in the form of “Say, you know what your site would profit by?” and the simple yet blinding answer both drifting to the surface of the swampy stagnation of my mind.

…and because it is a good idea, and I do feel like an idiot for not having acted on it at least six months before it occurred to me, I’m going to go and apply myself to it now.  Hopefully I’ll be able to brag about it tomorrow.

Today’s pen: Sheaffer (Sailor) Sentinel
Today’s ink: Skrip black

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New Arrivals, Here and There

Posted by Dirck on 16 February, 2012

This may be thought of as merely making noise to hear my own head roar.  As that nicely describes about 92% of internet traffic, I’ll not blush for it.

The arrivals here are a pair of Sheaffers from a client the next province over, and they’re very different prospects. One is a relatively late example of the Balance Admiral, and I’m extremely pleased with its arrival for two entirely selfish reasons.  The more practical is that the problem is not in the vacuum-filler mechanism, which was recently and competently serviced, but rather in the area of the feed not feeding consistently– much less daunting.  The silly reason is that it gives me a chance to add a decent photograph to the profile page for that model, as the sole image currently present is… not good.

The other is an Imperial II Deluxe, which also provides me with a chance to get a photo of an unshown variant (shorter clip, white dot).  That one has a very common problem for Touchdown fillers; a barrel crack preventing the pressure build-up necessary to filling.  Should be a dawdle, which means you can look in here next week for me whining about being hoist on the petard of hubris.

While I’m mentioning Imperials, I’ll also note an impending arrival here; I’ve won an auction on an Imperial I, which has been a sad hole in my collection.  It’s coming from England, so it may be a while getting here.

The “there” arrival is a new filler mechanism that I’m rather impressed with.  I’ll just hand you a link to the announcement/discussion on the Fountain Pen Network, but to encapsulate, it’s the simple and effective stick-piston or syringe filler cleverly rearranged so that it can have a piston travel of almost the entire length of the pen aft of the section.  Since that sort of mechanism generally only allows for about a half-length throw, and even the more complicated screw-piston loses a lot of interior space to mechanism, this is a pretty cool trick; this sort of ink volume usually appears only in eyedropper pens and in vacuum-fillers like the one I’m using today.  Since inventor Francis Goosens is firmly connected to Conid Pens, I don’t anticipate being able to afford an example bearing this filler any time soon, but the fact that it exists still pleases me.

Today’s pen: Sheaffer Sentinel 
Today’s ink: Herbin’s Lie de Thé

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Bleeding Heart

Posted by Dirck on 14 February, 2012

Good heavens, it’s our third Valentine’s day together.  As my wife and I took advantage of last week’s post-Disney vacation tail to have a romantic dinner, I have a certain amount of calendar-driven sentiment churning unused in my bosom.  I thought I might vent this pressure by looking at some pens I have particular attachment to.

I like pens.  That is obvious.  I might even be said to love them, in the rather loose application that word has taken on, but of all the pens I’ve got I can be said to have some favourites.  Some of them gain this elevated status entirely on their own merits, and I’ll start with those.

  • The Parker Vacumatic, in its Major size, strikes me as almost a Platonic ideal of pen-ness, at least in its outward shape.
  • Sheaffer’s Touchdown, in the wide-bodied early form, while not falling into the Platonic place when fitted with the Triumph point I prefer, presses all my pretty-pen buttons, combining the smooth modern oblong with the big lump of gold at the business end.
  • Waterman’s Citation also plays upon my irrational likes, less in shape than in performance; while I like the Taperite shape, what really gets me is the combination of shape and performance, at least when there’s a flex-point mounted.
  • The late-comer in this group, the Parker 50 Falcon, gets in mainly on its looks.  While the performance is not terrible, it’s not arresting, but I really dig the combination of the Parker clip and the integral point.  I suspect that the non-Flighter finishes might not get me so wound up.

The other pens I”m particularly fond of become so on an individual basis.  Unlike the previous bunch, of which I find any given example equally pleasing, these are specific pens that I am attached to– some are not so expensive, yet I could not replace them if they were lost:

  • My Evans Dollar Pen is something of a kitten found in a sac on a riverbank.  A client included it in a group of parts pens, sent with the pens that were actually intended to fixed, with a note that suggested I could do as I pleased with them.  This is hardly a great pen, but it has rewarded my efforts on its behalf with some fun writing.  It’s also got an endearingly goofy filler.
  • I was given the inherently valuable lapis Parker Duofold by a dear friend, a story I related some time past, and while it is a flawed example of the desirable model, the fact that it was a gift (which happily cost her little) renders it orders of magnitude more expensive for passing millionaires inclined to make me an offer.
  • Similarly, while the Lamy 2000 is in and of itself a rather good pen, this one was bought with money given for anniversary purposes.  Who knew the tenth was the Makrolon anniversary?
  • A romantic day like this puts one in mind of first love, and for me (in this context), that is the third body pattern of the long-lasting Sheaffer cartridge pen.  I was, arguably, too young when we met, and we occasionally mistreated one another, but I still love that pen all out of proportion with its merits.  I should mention that this is the only one in this bunch that I speak of the tribe rather than an individual; the actual first pen is long, long-lost and irretrievable, as legendary first loves should be.
  • Finally, the Valentine’s gift which can be said to have set me on the true path of pen madness, the Waterman Phileas given me by my wife rather more than a decade ago.  A good pen, praised in many places, it reminded me of what fountain pens can be, and because of how this one came into my hands it is more valuable to me than my own weight in gold (even at today’s prices).

So many of us aspire to Spock, but on this day, we should enquire after our inner Cyrano.  Even those without a lover in their life have access to romantical notions; they’re what make for humanity, and should be cherished.

…even if they are a little weird.  Pens?  Really?  And I’m running around loose?

Today’s well-liked pen: Sheaffer Sentinel (being a progenitor of the Touchdown aforementioned)
Today’s ink: Herbin’s Lie de Thé (if not my favourite, then certainly my favourite brown)

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Down the Shops

Posted by Dirck on 16 December, 2010

This lunch break, I am off doing something about the current lack of cooking facilities in the house, so I am just dashing off this quick and slightly rhetorical note:

Soap bubbles are, traditionally, the examplar of the notion of “ephemeral”.  How, then, do I find several of them clinging to the walls this morning, like a tribe of glass snails?  Bubbles which were blown last night as a pre-bedtime indulgence for my son!

Perhaps entropy is taking the winter off?  Perhaps it’s all tired out from molesting the various appliances and fittings in the house?

It’s a slightly creepy phenomenon.  However, as it’s not threatening, it’s welcome in my house. 

Today’s pen:  Sheaffer Sentinel
Today’s ink:  Diamine China Blue

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