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Good works

Posted by Dirck on 28 August, 2009

I’m not sure that this isn’t an extension of the soft-heartedness (or is it head) that brought me to my current living arrangement, but today I’m giving away pens.

This is not, I’m sorry to say, one of those things where I encourage people to comment on my blog by offering a small prize. “Sorry to say” because of the possiblility of having raised, however briefly, expectations of free stuff in what is turning out to be a score or so of readers, and also because it reveals a flaw in my personality in the direction of miserliness.

No, the pens I’m giving away are already spoken for. One, a Hero 616, is a very low grade parting gift for a co-worker who returns to full time school next week, and who has been spoken of previously as the focus of another co-worker’s efforts to draw her into Mannenhitsu-do. It cost me very little, and it will drive her to go buy some ink eventually, an act almost certain to land her near some better pens.

My other donation is a box of five pens, on their way to Wales to be experimented upon by one who is interested in learning the art of repair, which is definitely a wing of Mannenhitsu-do. The only one that there’s any real hope for is the inherently hopeless Wearever Pennant (a proper lever-filling model, at least). The rest are all the sort of thing that a beginner need not fear rendering beyond repair while learning, because they’re already there.

I am slightly abashed in this so-called good work, alas. I’ve asked the recipient to cover postage. I expect Marley’s ghost to be hanging off the end of my bed tonight.

A final aside, as I take one more shameful snipe at Sanford– thanks to the efforts of the crew of the Penquod, we may have found what has become of the colour that used to reside in Parker ink– it’s being stuffed into pencils.

Today’s pen: Sheaffer Compact II (it goes well with the waistcoat I’m wearing today, but it’s so darned short!)
Today’s ink: Noodler’s Tulipe Noir

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