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Messiah Complex

Posted by Dirck on 2 April, 2015

But first, because it’s Thursday:

Day What How Much Duration Pen Ink
  • 31 March
  • 1 April
  • A cancellation at the dentist
  • Choose Your Own seemingly endless project….
  • Just a cleaning.
  • Seven manuscript pages.
  • All afternoon.
  • 40 min.

Not much accomplished this week, and if my idea of this current project as a litmus test of my readiness to engage upon a proper novel has any merit, I’d do well to leave the novel aside a little longer. This is a little too much committment to a single concept for me, and it’s really just a heap of closely-connected short stories.

But enough of that. Because tomorrow is a holiday, I’m treating today as Thursday and Friday.  If I were more of a theologian, I could probably work it into a trinity, but I know my limits.  The trinity notion is an outcome, of course, of the sort of holiday we’re enjoying tomorrow, although in our house it’s more about pagan rabbits flinging sugar about than it is about non-terrifying returns from the dead.  I’m not unmindful of the religious affiliation of the day, though, and I thought for a change in my usual programme here I’d offer as the Friday Film From Fomewhere (fic sic)  a review of one of my favourite films about the resurrection of an ill-treated saviour.  Plus the unnecessary and profoundly mishandled recent remake.

I understand Keanu is, as a person, genuinely nice.  It may be why he keeps getting roles.

Today’s pen: Pelikan (in hoc) Signum (vinces, and yes the declension is a mess)

Today’s ink: Noodler’s (brown like chocolate) Walnut

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Posted by Dirck on 29 October, 2010

I being a little blank today (a long story I’ll likely tell Monday, penless tho’ it is) and having very little time, I called my wife and said, “Recommend a Hallowe’en movie.”

She offered two:  The 1931 Dracula, and the 1963 version of The Haunting.  She says of them, and I agree, that they are films which require that you sit quietly and allow to work upon you.  I believe I recommended the latter last year, too.  I will also plug the H.P. Lovecraft Literary Podcast’s presentation of The Haunter in the Dark— turn down the lights, pretend the computer is a cathedral radio, and have an enjoyably creepy night in, or at least get in the right mood for a Hallowe’en party.

Today’s long dark pen:  Waterman 52
Today’s deep dark ink:  Noodler’s Starry Night (in which anything might be lurking)

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