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Posted by Dirck on 1 November, 2018

Day What How Much Pen Ink
  • 29 October
  • 30 October
  • 31 October
  • 1 November
  • Second draft of “Palmer’s Folly”
  • 2,019 typed words.

A merry NaNoWriMo to all those who intent to expose themselves to that particular source of stress this year. I will pursue my usual policy of continuing to write through the month at my own pace, but to those who think they can manage a novel in four weeks, I offer a hearty bonne chance!

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Posted by Dirck on 30 November, 2017

This Week’s Pens Inks How Much Novel Progress
  • 2130 words typed

Why such a low week? Well, apart from the efforts called for by events mentioned on Monday, yesterday’s writing session finished with me saying, “Well, that’s it for today.  Time to save!” followed immediately by the failure of power in the entire northern half of the city.  Autosave meant that I only lost about a third of the work… but still.  Boo.

Oh, for those who are putting a bow on their NaNoWriMo efforts today, let me offer this admission of marginal defeat:

Marginal defeat, of course, because I’m not actually running that race, and if I claimed to be you could all shout Cheat! because that’s not talking about the first draft and I started in late August.  I mention it only because it’s (sort of) close to the official participant’s goal.

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Posted by Dirck on 2 November, 2017

This Week’s Pens Inks How Much Novel Progress
  • 2,021 words typed

I notice a couple of things.  Yesterday was the start of NaNoWriMo, and tomorrow is the anniversary of my first word on paper for this novel.  There’s a connection, of course, because I arbitrarily set the start of the latter to co-incide with the former, and then buggered up my own timing slightly.  I continue to be pleased that I said NawNoHeyNo to the prospect of trying to finish in a month, because that expectation would have me feeling like a colossal failure by now.

The other thing I notice is that my word count for the week is low, thanks to the Hallowe’en thing I did over on my other front.  Not colossal failure, but it’s not helping the cause; I believe I’ll be doing some extra work tonight and tomorrow to advance things.  All the same, very nearly half-done the current draft, so the nebulous early- to mid-February finish line remains in place.

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I Knew It.

Posted by Dirck on 30 November, 2016

I sure did.  And I told you all.  Now, here’s the proof:


Don’t let the two digits after the decimal fool you; this is a very broad estimate.

Yep, when I said there was no way I was getting the novel finished this month, I was spot on.  Good as my word.  Congratulations to all those who were actually participating, though– this is not in any way meant to kick the shins of those who took up the challenge.  And to those who are done, or who will be done by the time the bells of midnight sound… jolly good show! and how the hell do you manage that?  Heck, I don’t expect to advance that counter at all today!*

Oh, while I’m here, a teaser; I expect to actually say stuff about pens tomorrow.  Content!

Today’s pen: Parker 75 (which, after also being the Fountain Pen Day pen, gets to have a rest soon)
Today’s ink: Herbin Poussière de Lune

* Not because of this entry nor tomorrow’s, but because I have to go and renew my driver’s licence in writing time.

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