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Art Time!

Posted by Dirck on 26 April, 2019

The holiday last week sort of crept up on me, so let’s have a couple of films today. First, some visual art by a person working in a medium I’m somewhat familiar with:

And then, because that’s short, here’s a rather good rendition of my favourite piece of music ever in exactly the right venue:

I’m convinced that if I actually attended that, I would have ended up like Louis del Grande in Scanners, except smiling right through the whole process.

Today’s pen: Muji Cylindrical Aluminum Pen
Today’s ink: Waterman Florida Blue

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Posted by Dirck on 18 April, 2019


Day What How Much Pen Ink
  • 15 April
  • 16 April
  • 17 April
  • 18 April
  • A sudden and possibly hasty reaction to the day’s events
  • Third draft of “Curse of the Dragon”
  • Second draft of “Doting Mother Cradles Her Wayward Child”
  • See previous entry.
  • Finished, at 5,755 words.
  • 1,629 typed words.

I completely fumbled last weekend’s potential for writing, and thus did not manage the Monday deadline for “Curse of the Dragon.” Not a big deal; it won’t go moldy waiting for the next submission window, and I’ll be able to give it the proper post-completion examinations it wouldn’t have gotten had I pushed it through.

This is not quite as silver-lining flavoured as the news of how intact Notre Dame has remained, but it affects me more directly.

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Posted by Dirck on 11 April, 2019


Day What How Much Pen Ink
  • 8 April
  • 9 April
  • 10 April
  • 11 April
  • Third draft of “Curse of the Dragon”
  • 3409 typed words (and boy, are my arms tired).

I… might… make that Monday deadline for this story. Last week’s worries about sufficiency of editing remain strong, though.

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Weekend Treats

Posted by Dirck on 5 April, 2019

Here’s something startling– Youtube’s algorithms did something good. We know, of course, that they seem to feel putting ugly parodies of childhood favourites in the way of people watching actual childhood favourites is a fine way of gathering money, and that anyone who takes an interest in the history of the last century must be shown some modern ethno-state promoter’s ideas because that makes plenty of clicks and engagement and misery… but this morning, instead of doing any of that, Youtube offered me this, which I will likely be trying soon:

To be honest, what I look at on Youtube suggests this about as much as watching an episode of The Teletubbies calls for a follow-up of some blowhard explaining why phrenology proves the situation of the people in Flint, Michigan is deserved. However, I’m not going to complain when it falls out this way. Let’s have more gentle cooking instruction and less of that other nonsense.

Today’s pen (decided upon well before I saw the video): Muji Cylindrical Aluminum Pen
Today’s ink: Waterman Florida Blue

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For Pants?

Posted by Dirck on 2 December, 2011

Just a quick note on something that has been troubling me this week.  The Blackbird I was using was an advertising pen, marked “With compliments, P. Panto & Co.”

Search as I might, I can’t work out who or what P. Panto was.  The imagination festers in absence of real data, of course, and I am stuck pondering old Giles cartoons with the background ads of early 1970’s London hawking Feeto for feet, and that of course brings up the real-world Beano.  The prospect of someone needing an enzyme supplement to help digest pants is extremely troubling.

Especially given the specific meaning of “pants” in a UK context.

Today’s pen: Muji Cylindrical Aluminum Pen
Today’s ink: Diamine Imperial Purple (no link yet.  Patience)

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Cognition Issues

Posted by Dirck on 29 November, 2011

For maintaining one’s peace of mind, I suggest avoiding this combination; read The Dead Zone, then have a day-long migraine.  This was a large part of my past weekend, so I speak from experience.

Of course, I don’t suspect for a moment that I’ve got incredible precognitive powers as a result of holding my hair in an effort to take its weight off my skull alternated with fruitless dry heaving.  That would, after all, be somewhat useful and interesting, and that’s the fantasy aspect of King’s writing coming into play.  However, I do somewhat harbour concerns about the state of my head-meat.

How I spent last Saturday night

Apart from an interesting contemplation of fate and inevitability, The Dead Zone also offers plenty of material for the hypochondriac.  If John Smith can get a big lethal tumour out of a couple of widely-dispersed bonks to the head, what must spending the better part of a day feeling like a visual effect from a ’50s science-fiction film be doing in there?

What brings this mere speculation to the forefront is the pile of stuff that I left the house without this morning.  I mentioned in conjunction with the celebration of the end of The Great Work that I might now attend to correspondence more closely.  Two letters and a travelling journal, all ready to go but for postage, were to have gone into the world today.  My powers of stumbling from the house without any given item are great, but they usually don’t extend to this sort of sequence:

  • Collect items for transport.
  • Carry to front door.
  • Put on door-side table while tying shoes.
  • Fail utterly to recollect items in either the mental or physical sense even as brushing them with an elbow on the way out the door.

The one ray of light in this grim scenario is another lapse.  That travelling journal is something that I’ve been neglecting since last Monday, which is bad, but as it was also well ahead of the intense migraine barrage, it is encouraging.  Perhaps I’ve been spared from an acute malignant growth, and what I’m experiencing is a mere effect of aging and parental stress.  On one of these points, I shall discourse somewhat tomorrow.

…assuming I remember.

Today’s hypochondriacal pen:  Muji Cylindrical Aluminum Pen
Today’s hysterical ink: Diamine Imperial Purple (which is not yet on the Inks page, so no link for the moment)

p.s. – I find I have previously visited the old meanings of hysteria and hypochondria; I can still remember the odd thing.

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What I did on my vacation, Part 2

Posted by Dirck on 9 July, 2010

I left the city. Unlike some carefree souls, I don’t think it’s a particularly good idea to announce to the blogosphere that one’s home is going to be empty for several days (I also only told Facebook after the fact). The trip was primarily one of my wife’s choosing, as she’d recently re-connected with a high-school friend, but I was quite content to accede to her wishes, as we’ve not had anything that could really be called a vacation since our son arrived.

The trip was not without its fraught aspects. One of the towns we stopped in on our way there proved to be full of the sort of faces one expects to be populating a Stephen King short story of the more abrupt sort. One lady, lurking vigorously outside a store and smoking, I’m sure I saw on the side of a milk carton under the caption Have You Seen This Baba Yaga?, and it was in this same town that I lost a pen.

I took two pens on the trip– one of my Vacumatics and a Lamy Vista. The Parker was meant to impress upon Edmontonians that I was no mere rube from the boondocks, while the Vista was the hardy in-transit pen for signing gas slips. Happily, it was the Lamy that wandered– not only is it replaceable, but I was not very attached to it so it might not act as a tool for occult tracking by dark spirits. My hope is that some small-town kid will find it and be introduced into the world of fountain pens. The pen’s fate is more likely having been smashed to fragments under the wheels of the next vehicle to park where I had.

We were slightly disappointed in our tourist ambitions, as the Alberta Railway Museum was not open– my son is a big locomotive fan. For those who are inclined, they’re only open on weekends. The website I was looking at (not their own, which appears to have server issues, nor the previously linked page) didn’t indicate that, nor does their entry on the Canadian Virtual Museum site.

My own interests were well served with a stop at a little shop in the city’s core:
The front door of Stylus, a pen shop in Edmonton.
This is Stylus, a shop carrying a brilliant selection of pens (not all fountain, but I’ll not hold it against them), some very nice papers, and a wall of ink. Enough ink to confound one through options. In the end, I got some Noodler’s red-black, my wife some Diamine steel blue, and we gave a bottle of Lamy blue to our hosts to go with the Hero pens I gave them as part of our expression of gratitude. I also got some Vergé de France paper, and a charcoal Lamy Safari to replace the M.I.A. Vista.

Returning, we had an easy run. My son was tired out by a frolic around a colossal egg, and spent nearly four hours asleep during the drive home. Home remained where we’d left it, with cats, potted plants, and pens happy to see us home. Some were less demonstrative than others, but each according to their nature.

Today’s pen: Muji Cylindrical Aluminum Device
Today’s ink: Diamine black

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Posted by Dirck on 17 September, 2009

I have been thinking of putting up a “blog without obligation” notice on this site, mainly because the one I’ve seen has a very nice raven on it. No one is making me post here, after all. The next week or so may see a very spotty presence indeed.

Tomorrow I’m hanging around at home to watch a new sewer line getting installed under my front yard, right under the only really vigourous patch of clover I’ve managed to get functional in the fore-lawn. I don’t know how attention-intensive this sort of thing is (an advantage to living in western Canada– no Roman troves to lose to workmen), but I don’t guarantee I’ll get at this exercise. After all, I’ll be home with my delightful son.

The weekend itself sees moving out the houseguest, and a return to the way of life we previously knew, which includes very informally dressed visits to the washroom in the wee hours.

My delightful son presents a new impediment next week– he’s going in for surgery on Tuesday. This is to correct a small deformity that stems from his parents’ long-term exposure to plastics (there’s a reason that BPA and phthalates are being banned, folks), which is unalarming and causes him little inconvenience currently. If left until high school, it would be a serious issue. I’ve booked off work Tuesday and Wednesday, not in serious anticipation of being needed– his mother gets to spend the night in the hospital with him, but only one parent allowed– but to make sure that if I am needed I’m free to come. It’s not a big nor an invasive surgery, but it is surgery on an infant. I think I can justify a little worry.

Of course, there’s every chance that the procedure will be bumped for a more serious case. I may defend Canadian health care, but I won’t pretend that sort of thing doesn’t happen.

Today’s pen: Muji Aluminum Cylinder of Writing
Today’s ink: Muji Anonymous Dark Writing Fluid (that’s the problem with these cartridge pens– once you punch that cartridge, you have to keep going until it’s done).

Post Scriptus– the charity auction Sheaffer I mentioned last week only brought in $25! I’m at least assured that the sole bidder is a thoughtful and precise sort, who is apt to follow the instructions provided.

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Support Group

Posted by Dirck on 8 September, 2009

I have a remarkable bunch of friends, who I value greatly despite very infrequent visits. I wouldn’t trade my son for anything, but the effect of a new child on socializing can’t be overstated.

It is pen and ink that reminds me of this under-appreciated wealth of friends. One example is my lapis Duofold Senior— bought by a friend who frequents garage sales, and given as a gift. It’s not quite the most valuable thing I’ve ever had given to me (that post-high school car, while not as durable, was still worth more in dollar terms), and it certainly didn’t cost her but a wee fraction of its actual collectors’-market value, but there’s the effort put into finding it and the simple mindfulness of an unrelated persons interests that pushes it high in the ranks of gifts I’ve gotten.

Last Friday I discovered the actual foundation of this entry. A couple of friends had gone to Japan, and while I was still at The Regular Job one of them had stopped by to deliver bounty from the Mysterious East. On the ink side of things was a bottle of Pilot’s Iroshizuku ink in the fuyu-syogun colour, which is subtle and interesting without the sense of wateriness which strikes me as attending other grey inks. Pens were represented by today’s pen, which comes from Muji, and which a brief wrestle with the kanji on the packaging reveals to be an arumi marujiku mannenhitsu— an aluminum round-bodied fountain pen. Not too poetic, but bang on descriptively and Muji is not exactly an art gallery. The pen, utilitarian though it is, was dragged from the other face of the planet and took up room in luggage that could have gone to personal mementos. It also has the cachet of being entirely unavailable where I live, and it’s neat.

I’m a lucky boy indeed.

Today’s exotic import: Muji Tubular Aluminum Object
Today’s ink: Whatever black cartridge Muji includes with the above item.

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