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See-Saw (and see ya in two weeks)

Posted by Dirck on 20 June, 2014

It has been another one of those twenty-four hour periods in which I’ve experienced strange extremes of emotion.  Hearing that my brother’s girlfriend is getting a novel published produced joy, as she’s a very nice person and deserves all advancement, and wretched irrational envy, because the part of the psyche responsible for that sort of thing cannot be convinced that there’s not a limit on the amount of books that can be published.

Swinging the pendulum back to the bright side, I got a reply to a response I put down on the blog of one of the people who follows this screed of mine, in which I mention my habit of tipping the hat to corvids:

I think you are a type of person like John Steed from The Avengers, i thought he is that kind of typical person that also wave gently with his had to crows and ravens when they passed by

This is one of the nicest things uttered in my direction in a long time, especially as it was entirely innocent of the knowledge that one of my childhood television idols was…

JOHN STEED!!! (the Patrick Macnee original)

…this fellow.

However, this exchange also underlines a befuddling fact of modern existence: people follow my blog.  Even more astonishing, people have chosen to follow it since I started giving most entries over to Progress Reports!  I can’t get my head around it.

So, in the spirit of that befuddlement, and to give you all something to tide you over during my summer vacation (when “painting the bathroom” replaces “working on stories or having any real fun”, and a two week silence here, more or less), here are two extremely unconnected things lifted from Youtube, which bear within their boundaries both mirth and upset.

Today’s pen: Pelikan Signum
Today’s ink: Herbin Poussiére de Lune


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