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Buckle Up!

Posted by Dirck on 25 August, 2017

YouTube decided, in the depths of its inscrutable algorithmic quasi-sentience, that I wanted to see what I’m showing as today’s film.  I’m not sure that I did, frankly, although it gives the same sort of dizzy separation from reality one gets with a brief whiff of nitrous oxide… and it certainly costs a good deal less!  It doesn’t have too much of the casual racism of it’s day, either… but it is in there, so be warned; expect a moment of lurching stomach, about half way in.  That caveat delivered, it’s time for another trip to Cognitive Malfunction Theatre:

I find myself wondering if this, like the original run of Merrie Melodies from Warner Brothers, was meant to sell music.

Today’s pen: Pelikan 120
Today’s ink: Pelikan Brilliant Brown


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Non-pharmaceutical Psychotropics

Posted by Dirck on 11 August, 2017

I have a friend who starts a lot of conversations with “you know what’s weird?” We have come into gentle dispute on this topic, as I don’t find the failure of a cat to sleep through the night or the way sales tax applies to clothes really qualifies as weird.  I usually offer a counter example, like magnetic putty, the Heisenberg uncertainty principle, or the US healthcare “system,” all of  which prompt her to suggest that the use of the word has shifted among Millennials (of which she is not one).

Be that as it may– this week’s film is weird.

Of course, this would be more amusing if world events had not taken their current turn, but let’s enjoy the mild dissociative state old cartoons induce, eh?

Today’s pen: Parker Senior Duofold
Today’s ink: Waterman blue (vintage)

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