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Battered but Triumphant

Posted by Dirck on 9 February, 2018

I was going to recreate what should have appeared as last week’s Friday Film, but two things intervened.  The lesser thing was an idiot howling about a desire for a military parade.  The greater was that a friend, after a long, expensive, and exhausting campaign, wrested great victory from the clutching hands of Academia.  He was, if we may quote the musty phrase of Oxford’s capitulation, “granted leave to supplicate for the degree of Doctor of Philosophy.”

If anything deserves a victory parade, it’s a doctorate from Oxford.

A day of rejoicing and thanks!

Today’s unintentionally thematic pen: Kaweco Student
Today’s ink: Kaweco blue

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Posted by Dirck on 1 February, 2018

This Week’s Pens Inks How Much Novel Progress
  •  2,737 words typed.

You might think, with that relatively high word count, I’d be a happy fellow.

Hey, look, I’m using foreshadowing, like a writer.

It has, by most other metrics, been a fairly abominable week… and a bit.  I’m not going to share the whole sad yarn, but one form of woe which came to the house lately I will offer here, because it’s a kind which I have shared previously.  We have lost yet another cat.  This time, at least, it’s a loss which we saw coming, because unlike so many of the others, this chap lived to the sort of age we expect a cat to last to.  He was the child of she who passed from us eight years back (good heavens, but haven’t I been at this while?), and was creeping stealthily toward his nineteenth birthday.  Alas, like so many desirable prey will, it seems to have noticed him stalking it, and fled away.

He made a pretty good hunt of it, though.  Farewell to Oberon, then.

And because he was adopted by the wrong sort of people, his full name was Oberon Kenobi.

Our sole survivor, Hercule, is as bereft as you might expect from looking at this. Once we’ve cleaned up the place a little, we’ll be seeking new companions for him.

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