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Early Janus

Posted by Dirck on 23 October, 2015

Usually at this time of year, I’m all about looking forward to Hallowe’en, and putting creepy stuff out to enhance the seasonal mood.  Stuff like this fun little loop:


But this year, I’m not only dealing with my son’s strange reaction to this most festive of times, but with my own non-Hallowe’en euphoria at the politics of the national.  In Canada, we are going from a sour-pussed racist on the national seat of power to this chap:

So the actual and true film for this Friday is a blend of jolly horror and innocent merriment.

Today’s pen: Italix Parson’s Essential
Today’s ink: Diamine Evergreen

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Too Much Winter

Posted by Dirck on 12 April, 2013

I’ve said on occasion that Canadians should make ideal astronauts, as we’re used to bleak crap out the windows and dire consequences being attached to going outside without dressing properly for it.  This, and the little… outburst… on Tuesday reminded me of this little John K. classic:

Yep.  That little laugh at the end is exactly what’s been in my head for the past two weeks.  A friend described yesterday with perfect accuracy as the 101st day of January; today it’s intermingled freezing rain and snow.  Say… that button does look jolly!

Today’s pen: Pelikan Future
Today’s ink: Diamine Oxblood

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