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Posted by Dirck on 15 April, 2021

Day What How Much Pen Ink
  • 12 April
  • 13 April
  • 14 April
  • 15 April
  • “Willful Murder” (working title)
  • More of that faffing I mentioned last week.
  • 4 manuscript pages.
  • See below.

When vanity-googling some year back, I discovered that I had an entry in the Internet Speculative Fiction Data Base. After being momentarily surprised that there was such a creature, I allowed myself a warm glow of imagined immortality– evidence of my presence which offered to outlast me (modern post-humanist thinking in the utopian spectrum notwithstanding).

Later, I found it had been updated to show my appearance on Pseudopod.

Later still… nothing. No updates. Because it relies on public effort, and is (or was) a little mysterious in how to do entries.

Last week, the ISFDB came up in online conversation, and I decided it was time to take the bull by the figurative horns (unless you are an agile Minoan, avoid doing this literally), and discovered that either it has become easier to add entries since I last looked at it, or I’m substantially more smartlier. Now not quite all of my published work is documented there. Along with a bunch of other folks, because it’s magazines and anthologies. Have a look, if you like, but be warned– there’s a picture of some kind of skunk-ape on the page. Very alarming.

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Going for a Spin

Posted by Dirck on 9 April, 2021

Here’s a frustratingly suggestive technology. Although it’s mainly a “how to fabricate an aluminum cone” video.

Frustratingly suggestive? Sure– consider the possible uses (an air conditioning compressor that runs on heat!?) and then look around the web for physicists explaining why it won’t quite work.

Today’s pen: Parker 65
Today’s ink: Herbin Poussière de Lune

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Posted by Dirck on 8 April, 2021

Day What How Much Pen Ink
  • 5 April
  • 6 April
  • 7 April
  • 8 April
  • “Willful Murder” (working title)
  • Yesterday’s goof.
  • Some faffing of a writerly sort.
  • 4 manuscript pages.
  • Pen Content?!
  • Expanding my online presence slightly, in a way which will only slowly become evident.


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Regarding Fuel Economy

Posted by Dirck on 7 April, 2021

When I took up the pen for today, I had to think hard about when it entered rotation.

…and I couldn’t remember without looking. The answer is the second week of January. This is a ridiculous length of time for a pen to be in the flight-line. Even more ridiculous is this:

It’s not half-full– the angle of the photo somewhat exaggerates the amount of ink left. It’s roughly one-third full, after three months of use. The Pelikan M600 that joined the in-use bunch in March only just made it through last night’s journal entry.

Why the difference? Well, the most obvious one is that the Pelikan carries just over half as much ink as the 487. The less obvious, looking at the pictures, is that the 487 has a fine point which is only just wet enough for enjoyable use while the M600 has a big fat wet point which claims to be medium but refuses to step onto a scale.

Basically, I’m comparing a Mercedes 600SEL to a Prius with drop-tanks. Of course it’s taking longer to empty.

The “this thing is still in use” sensation started a couple of weeks ago, to be honest, and I’ve been suppressing it by looking at the vast amount of ink still in place. Today, though, I started thinking about pen hygiene. Sure, it’s possible to use a pen for years without changing to another (part of the glory of fountain pens, that) but you should give them a cleaning every third or fourth fill– which is to say, roughly every month or so.

So far, this is only a theoretical issue. There’s no beard of fungus clinging to the feed. The ink remains a liquid rather than a gel that never quite dries (this is a big hint, by the way; if you’re smearing the page an hour after writing, clean that pen!). However, I think I’ll probably send the pen to the showers this weekend, before the theoretical turns vexingly practical.

I may also tip the ink out of that Moonman sooner rather than later. It’s an equally parsimonious point and a bigger reservoir.

Today’s extreme-endurance pen: PenBBS 487
Today’s huge column of ink: Herbin Lie de Thé

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Posted by Dirck on 1 April, 2021

Day What How Much Pen Ink
  • 29 March
  • 30 March
  • 31 March
  • 1 April
  • “Willful Murder” (working title)
  • 7 manuscript pages.

It’s April and I’m a fool, so today’s my day to shine! A whole week of gentle but unstrained new writing! I might attribute it to the change in the weather, but for the shrieking blizzard we had on Tuesday. The change of sunlight’s angle, maybe.

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Posted by Dirck on 25 March, 2021

Day What How Much Pen Ink
  • 22 March
  • 23 March
  • 24 March
  • 25 March
  • Forward movement on the pen site, at least.
  • Enough for getting on.


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Posted by Dirck on 18 March, 2021

Day What How Much Pen Ink
  • 15 March
  • 16 March
  • 17 March
  • 18 March
  • Still blocked.
  • Damn it.

The Pilot appears to be turning into my standard St. Patrick’s Day pen. I used it this time because I wanted a broad point to show off the glimmer in the ink. In this, I was disappointed– there’s no sign of any metallic element in anything I wrote that day. I hope the wee folk weren’t offended.

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Anchors A-Trip! Away? Aweigh?

Posted by Dirck on 5 March, 2021

Before today’s films, a quick thought about today’s pen. I had a look at this record, and I’m slightly startled to see that the pen in my pocket is starting on its third month in rotation. It’s getting close to half-way empty. That’s a lot of ink.

Today’s films pursue my interest in olden-timey ship stuff (a purely academic interest– I like to think about it, but I know it would be pure misery to engage in).

I’d had a vague idea of all of the above previously, but… well, I had not pictured the complexity of the tiller rope. Fascinating!

Today’s pen: PenBBS 487
Today’s ink: Herbin Lie de Thé

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Posted by Dirck on 25 February, 2021

Day What How Much Pen Ink
  • 22 February
  • 23 February
  • 24 February
  • 25 February
  • A great deal of squeezing the internet trying to shake loose useful Moonman information.
  • Thinking VERY HARD about things I want to write.
  • Fixing something at the Regular Job that broke because I was left out of an email chain in October.
  • Less than I could have wished.
  • Too much think, not enough do†
  • Most of yesterday’s lunch

† I take a little solace from this article in The Guardian which indicates that I’m not the only one suffering from fatbergs in my writing infrastructure.

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Fun in Darkness

Posted by Dirck on 19 February, 2021

So… short week, huh? I had forgotten that little fact entirely pretty much from lunch-time Tuesday through to head hitting the pillow last night. Thus, no update yesterday. I’ll take it on to the bottom of this entry. There’s not much difference to last week, as my tubes are still clogged, although I did have a couple of revelations in the direction of rehabilitating some things suffering from their author’s white male POV, one of which is that novel I spent so long on.

But first, the fun stuff. What’s the most fun you can have in a dark room? Watching old movies, of course! I recently read a tweet from someone who was very disappointed, after a lifetime of watching films no older than 1980 (I think that was the arbitrary cut-off– possibly 1970), by the experience of watching Citizen Kane.

Oh, really? Only the barest understanding of the language, and you found the lecture boring?

I, happily, understand the language of old films (even if I sometimes make fun of their tropes), and it troubles me that so many people dismiss them out of hand.

So, today’s jollity– a film to help you understand the language, and someone else making fun of old film tropes.

Now, here’s that disappointing update:

Day What How Much Pen Ink
  • 15 February
  • 16 February
  • 17 February
  • 18 February
  • 19 February
  • Faffing about.
  • Working on an update on the site.
  • The cats got their favourite food.
  • Some progress on Friday’s pen and its maker.



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