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Posted by Dirck on 24 January, 2020

First, this lovely eulogy regarding one of my childhood heroes (yes, really– my childhood was a little eccentric):

Now, let’s be hopeful. This is the end of a series of videos, but the first that presented itself to me. Are you ready to revel in scholarship and skill? Then let’s begin.

…and yes, I would like one of those coats scaled to fit my thuggish dimensions.

Today’s pen: Parker 51
Today’s ink: Skrip black

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Going My Way

Posted by Dirck on 22 March, 2012

It has been a while since I’ve turned from my usual focus of pens to my efforts to dress in what I’d call a passable manner.  Those who recall past delvings into these efforts will recall a great deal of complaint having to do with not being able to find anything but shoes which fit me well; I’ve got a giant head and I’m build like a somewhat underweight gorilla.  Today, though, no complaints, or at least no serious ones.  Today, I am turned out to the nines, for no more reason than the male counterpart of “sometimes a girl just wants to be pretty.”

The real joy of today’s kit is that every stitch above the socks and below the hat as is visible to the passer-by has been made specifically to fit me.  The suit, a dark grey pinstripe, is the result of my father having some sort of brain spasm late last fall and shouting to his offspring that we both needed a decent suit.  For me, it’s two weeks’ wages worth of wool, so I will not question the largesse.  It is, alas, not something I can pursue with any regularity, so I have to reserve it’s wearings for relatively special occasions.

The shirt beneath it is another matter.  It’s not cheap, but it is attainable, and it is so highly customized as to be the next thing to personally tailored.  Some time ago I stumbled upon Shirts My Way, a website which offers to produce a shirt to your specifications.  This is the sort of thing I’ve been wondering about the paucity of; if there are printers capable of plopping out busts of Stephen Colbert, surely there should be some kind of accessible clothes-generating engine.  Well, there is, and I’m wearing the tangible fruits of its semi-virtual loins.

It is, I will mention, imperfect.  The body length is not quite there, and the shoulder seams are a little far outboard, but the general fit is miles ahead of the usual off-the-rack shirt which costs very nearly as much; I can sweep my arms from hip-side to armed-robbery without the body of it moving a hair, and the collar is a model of comfort.  Those imperfections that exist can be addressed with a slight tweaking of a few of the many, many measurements I provided them with.

I suspect I am a little ahead of the game, having a wife whose degree was in part composed of how to take clothing measurements, so I won’t urge everyone to go forth and order a whole wardrobe worth of shirts from these guys.  But I am sufficiently impressed to say it’s worth a try.  I will also mention that I can’t vouch for the speed of delivery the site mentions; my shirt took a lot longer to arrive than posted, which the customer service line there assures me is largely because I missed a notice about a local holiday.  I can see some of the delay stemming from that, and more from the customs office pondering the parcel, but I would still suggest the 15 working days estimate is a touch optimistic.

I have, I believe, mentioned in previous installments that I still hold patience as a virtue.  Its reward is not being cranky about when this nice shirt arrived, but rather being pleased that it’s here at all.

Today’s flashy pen: Parker “51”
Today’s richly-coloured ink: Diamine Syrah

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