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Convention? Coven? Who Can Tell?

Posted by Dirck on 8 June, 2018

In my best Professor Farnsworth voice: Good news, everyone!

The wand mentioned two entries back has been waved, and there will a Pelikan Hub in what many people would call the middle of nowhere.  We who live here know better, though.  We’re slightly north-east of the geographical centre of North American nowhere.

ANYWAY, for today’s film, I’m just providing a link to an item our national broadcasting service, CBC, aired last week, which gives a sense of the sort of thing that goes one went you get a sufficient quantity of pen-fanciers hemmed into a closed space. No video, and you’ll have to scroll down a little to find the button that launches the audio.

It’s nice. But then, so are we generally (both Canadians and pen-folks).

Today’s pen: Sheaffer Sovereign II
Today’s ink: Herbin Bleu Myosotis


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Posted by Dirck on 7 June, 2018

Day What How Much Pen Ink
  • 4 June
  • 5 June
  • 6 June
  • 7 June
  • First draft of “Until Regrets Take the Place of Dreams”
  • 27 manuscript pages.

Have you read the entry I made earlier today? You should. It’s far more interesting, and contains time-sensitive material.

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Posted by Dirck on 7 June, 2018


I hope to infect you with my excitement, too, especially if you live within… oh, let’s say an hour’s drive of me.  Pelikan has just started registration for the 2018 version of Pelikan Hubs, which an even more Pelikan-positive person than myself explains in some depth on his own blog. In a nutshell, it’s a sponsored event for pen enthusiasts in a given area to get together and enthuse over pens.  As mentioned on The Pelikan’s Perch, it skews toward one maker’s stuff, because they’re the sponsor, but it’s also allowed to mention and even bring pens of other brands.

Pelikan’s Wand of Official Sanction (artist’s impression)

I am VERY EXCITED because there is a move afoot to bring about a hub right here in Regina; this would fill the yawning gap between the Edmonton and Winnipeg venues.  Paper Umbrella has even expressed a willingness to host the thing, which takes care of a big bunch of the planning chores.  Now, the only thing needed is… people.  There is a minimum number of people signed up for any given hub required by Pelikan before they will wave their Wand of Official Sanction over it and make it a real event, with real Pelikan stuff.

This means people like me, which is to say excited!! and already signed on, need to find others who have within them the potential to also be excited!! and have the willingness to sign on.  So, to those who live in a circle centered on Regina, Saskatchewan with a radius extending slightly past Moose Jaw, who are interested in writing instruments at all– I urge you, I plead, go to this site and let Pelikan know you are indeed one of us before 16 July.  That date is their cut-off; if we are insufficiently numerous at that time, no hub for us.

I suggest that circle because beyond that distance seems an awfully long drive. If you’re somewhat outside the circle and don’t mind the long drive, or have someone to stay with here, by all means, add your weight to our petition.

If you’re very far away from Regina (which is true for a lot of people), then sign up for one that’s more convenient to you.  Or have a go at making one that is more convenient to you.  They sound like a lot of fun!

Today’s pen: Pelikan P1
Today’s ink: Herbin Vert Empire

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The End of an Era

Posted by Dirck on 4 June, 2018

I have mixed feelings as I type this entry.  Beginnings imply endings, of course, but after go on for so long, with seemingly endless resources… well, it’s a bit of a shock to find that the end has indeed come. Come it has, though, and it is my duty to mark the date.

I must now bid farewell to the bottle of ink which has supplied my desk pens since November of 2014.  Yes, the same one which I made such a fuss over when it reached its third anniversary in service. It kept on for another half of a year… and a week besides!… before running out.  Part of this longevity should be attributed to its companion since that anniversary, the Sheaffer 121SKD which was the only desk pen I had capable of filling from such a shallow pool. Not only does that have a fine point, but Snorkels have a deserved reputation for good miles per gallon.

When at last the probe on the pen made the gurgle of air ingestion on Friday, it was the announcement of the end of a long run indeed.  I can’t say I will mourn the bottle’s passing– it was, after all, an inanimate object– but I do honor it for its staying power.  I can only hope its successor, Diamine Midnight II, who was installed in office this morning, will follow the sterling example which has been set.

The final drops of the last bottle went home with me, along with the pen they reside in.  I’m going to use them for household writing duties so long as they last, which may be a week or more.  That pen was on station for more two full tours, since I like to swap out at the change of the seasons, and it has earned a rest.

The veteran I have brought in to replace it is going to be a bit of a test for D.M. Secundus; the point of my Touchdown 92SD,  is a good deal more profligate with ink than the Snorkel.  A bit of Falstaff & Hal action, I suppose, to initiate the new era, although I don’t think my Falstaff will end in quite the sort of way the literary version did.

In related news– I refilled the Wing Sung 3008 that I’m using for first drafts.  This is the fourth filling, and the pen still hasn’t fallen to bits! Amazing!

Today’s pen: Lamy 2000
Today’s ink: Herbin Perle Noire

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We All Scream…

Posted by Dirck on 1 June, 2018

Summer! At last!  I will not mention the torrential rains we’ve had here over the past couple of days, because some damp is sorely needed and the downpours were accompanied by delightful summer-type thunder and lightning.  Except this morning.  Anyway, today’s video is about something very bound up with summer.

Not ice cream.

Roller coasters. You keep summer in your way, and let me keep it in mine.

I am also moved to show this because I missed even mentioning Vincent Price’s birthday last week.

Truth be told, I go through rather more ice cream than roller coasters, but VINCENT PRICE!

Today’s pen: Wing Sung 601
Today’s ink: Jentle blue-black

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Posted by Dirck on 31 May, 2018

Day What How Much Pen Ink
  • 28 May
  • 29 May
  • 30 May
  • 31 May
  • First draft of “Until Regrets Take the Place of Dreams”
  • 23 manuscript pages.

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Get Over It!

Posted by Dirck on 25 May, 2018

The Atlantic ocean, that is.  I found myself watching this earlier in the week, and for once Youtube algorithms were not completely out to lunch, because I found it jolly interesting.  I hope you will too (even though he does a little bit of advertising in the middle for his sponsor).

None for me, thanks.  I’ll take my trans-Atlantic flying pressurized.

Today’s pen: Pelikan P1
Today’s ink: Herbin Vert Empire

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Posted by Dirck on 24 May, 2018

Day What How Much Pen Ink
  • 21 May
  • 22 May
  • 23 May
  • 24 May
  • Terrified obeisance to the spectre of Queen Victoria
  • First draft of “No Easy Way Out”
  • Third draft of “Stuckman’s Miracle Men”
  • Dig Two Graves
  • Second draft of “No Easy Way Out”
  • Lawn mowed (she’s not that bad, really)
  • 2 manuscript pages.
  • That which was needed
  • 1100 words banged out and posted
  • 1983 words typed, and done.

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Down with Gatekeeping

Posted by Dirck on 18 May, 2018

A little change for this week’s film– something academic! A rather good speech, this, on the confluence of reading and writing, and why mocking someone for not having read a given thing is a terrible thing to do:

While listening, I cast my mind back to my own Why I Read moment, and I can’t really discover the lightbulb moment.  The house was always crammed with books, including once got for the infant me, and there was little other entertainment available at the time (you think daytime TV is rough now? Oh, no). If pressed, I might point to an installment in the Hardy Boys series given to me by my grandmother on a sick day; I remember being faintly pleased with having got through it in an afternoon.

Was that grade 1? I believe so.

Today’s pen: Sheaffer 300
Today’s ink: Pelikan Violet

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Posted by Dirck on 17 May, 2018

Before we get to the week’s numbers, I want to mention to for those who are relatively close to me geographically that I will be conducting another of my pen-tuning clinics at Paper Umbrella on Saturday.  Precise details of when and where are in the link.

Day What How Much Pen Ink
  • 14 May
  • 15 May
  • 16 May
  • 17 May
  • Third draft of “The Monster in the Cabin”
  • First draft of “No Easy Way Out”
  • A genteel sufficiency.
  • 19 manuscript pages.

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