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Causality Disruption!

Posted by Dirck on 5 August, 2022

I was just standing there when a silver car whizzed past at high speed, pursued by two different flying saucers. Each one punched a glowing hole in reality and slipped out of this world, and I was drawn after them by the combined slipstream! It may have seemed like months to others, but subjectively it was…

Oh, look, I’m lying with my fingers again. Oh, wait, that’s a good thing! It means this devilish writing block must be lifting! HOORAY!

What, apart from fictional disruptions of spacetime, has kept me from my appointed rounds here? It started with a stumble in my personal calendar– for some reason, I mistook a Thursday for a Wednesday until the end of the writing window, which I enhanced by being entirely distracted from looking in on Friday. The fact that I managed to do almost exactly the same thing the following week.

Thereafter, I found I was in a profound motivational deficit. Work on any kind of writing? But… there’s an assortment of really dumb games on my phone that don’t require any braining! None at all!

I eventually noticed that this behaviour in a diagnosed and medicated depressive might represent something that needed stamping on. So, after a couple of more weeks of poking pixels for momentary positive sensations, I began to get on top of that. Of course, at that point, there’s the daunting prospect of admitting that I’ve let things slide.

TL;DR– Stupidity, bad head chemistry, and childish embarrassment. That’s three to one odds, without including the individual games! I’m lucky to have escaped that fight with all my teeth!

I probably would have avoided wrestling Embarrassment to the ground a while longer, except there’s some good news to share with the world. It appears that the communal delusion that COVID is no longer a problem and that monkeypox won’t become one is now sufficiently widespread that Pelikan Hubs are happening this year!

All hail the majestic approach/avoidance conflict!

I’m still not very happy with the thought of sitting in a closed space with a bunch of people, especially in November when the sniffle season will be well underway in this part of the woods… but I am happy at the thought of playing with a pile of unfamiliar pens among like-minded folks, and of the habitual loot-bags Pelikan provides the stuffings for.

Unfortunately, because (I assume) of the hiatus in hubs, Regina has lost its status as a place known to support a hub, so we have to get enough registrations in before 21 August. I thus want to urge anyone within the sound of my voice… or rather within the area code of my telephone, to rush to the Pelikan Hubs Registration Page and put in a request to attend an event not in one of the pre-loaded cities.

This comes after you get an email to confirm you exist

Of course, if you’re not in convenient driving distance of Regina, see if you can’t get a hub happening close to where you are. The more the merrier! This is not a zero-sum game, in which those who get do so at the expense of others!

I don’t promise an immediate return to consistent action here, but for the sake of my own inner mechanisms I’m going to be giving it a damn good try.

Today’s pen: Lamy 2000
Today’s ink: Diamine Oxford Blue


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