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Tick Tock

Posted by Dirck on 21 May, 2021

There is substantial overlap between people who like pens and people who like timepieces. I include myself in this– were I more well-heeled, I’d probably have an assortment of neat watches as well as the heap of delightful pens I currently revel in. For good or ill, though, I’ve had to be content with looking at neat watches and clocks.

This new world of 3D printing which we find ourselves in, though… well, now I can lament a lack of funds, equipment, and specific skills. What lies below is an advert, but it’s also very cool to watch.

I would want to keep something with that many exposed gears under a bell-jar, which I think would be the right sort of fussy Victoriana to shove it into “Steampunk aesthetic”.

Today’s strangely complicated pen: Platinum Curidas (page underway, picture only)
Today’s ink: Platinum blue-black


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