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Onions Making Me Cry

Posted by Dirck on 7 May, 2021

This is overstating the matter (CLICKBAIT!), but I am definitely inclining lachrymose because of onions. Well… onionskin, which has nothing to do with actual onions.

If Alexander the Great can weep because he has run out of world to conquer, I’m allowed to get misty for lack of an item of stationery.

I can cure my sadness more easily than the Macedonian wanderer, and I probably will order one before too much time goes past.

I won’t urge you to also get one, but if you haven’t experienced onionskin… you’re missing a treat. Among my early memories is finding a small supply of onionskin in my father’s home office supplies, and being amazed at it. It’s neat stuff.

Today’s pen: Pelikan 140
Today’s ink: Monteverde Malibu Blue†

† I’ve had this ink so long that I forgot I hadn’t done a sample of it while I was doing samples last week. Yet more work!


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