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Delayed Gratification

Posted by Dirck on 5 October, 2020

This is not a rare Monday entry.

OK, I guess it is, but it started on Friday, and will look, smell and taste like a Friday entry, with a small sprinkle of ire on top.

Sometime between the posting of last week’s Progress Report and my attempt at the Friday nonsense, WordPress decided that everyone shall now enjoy the new editing mode that they’ve invented. This… became a problem.

It should not have. Apart from my own super-genius powers of adapting to new protocols on the computer (a legacy of having been a user of the things since 1983), you can set it to be functionally similar to the editor that I’ve been using without complaint for…


…eleven years? What? Really?!

Anyway, what happened when I made the attempt on Friday was a merry little message came up, on a red background: Sorry! You are not allowed to edit this entry. No reason, no “click here to find out more”. Just a slightly polite “bugger off”.

Google didn’t help much. That message had vexed WP users in the past, but I couldn’t find anything about the current newness. And then I had to get back to work.

It turns out the solution was to thoroughly log out, on all platforms. So now I can edit and save and stuff, and with 48 hours of fuming I’ve calmed down enough after this discovery to actually fill the gap. There is a reason that I was so vexed, too– I had news I wanted to share. My story “Wilden Klausen” has been picked up!

I don’t know it the cover art for the anthology is what I’d have picked, but I’m not an editor.

I mean… I’m not against it, but it’s not necessarily selling what’s within. Don’t judge a book by its cover, I guess.

I’m also, WordPress, not a fan of that way of presenting images, but I may find a way of editing that in future. That aside, the book will be out in December (surprise!), and the proceeds will be going to a charity voted upon by the contributors. I will, of course, be returning to this topic as details become available.

Now, the film I was going to offer on Friday, under the title “Terrifying Cultist Chanting” to start October off right:

OK, it’s maybe not cultists, but I’ll bet a chill would run up your spine if you heard it coming from the basement of a disused church.

Friday’s pen: Pelikan P1
Friday’s ink: Diamine Bilberry

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