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Could It Get Any Worse?

Posted by Dirck on 13 March, 2020

That’s a cursed question, isn’t it? If you’re able to ask, the answer is invariably yes, and you hope whoever is saying it sounds remorseful rather than brimming with gleeful anticipation.

Things are pretty bad at the current moment, generally speaking. Plague stalking the land, persistent lack of action on environmental degradation, an international economy that’s acting like the Tacoma Narrows Bridge…

Sure, it looks like fun from a distance, but to those whose pensions stand upon it…

…and the usual assortment of hot-spots that offer to twist the dial from Minor Local Conflict right over to All-Consuming World War.

However bad things are for you right now, though, you are still able to say “At least I’m not involved with the Imperial Russian attempt to relieve Port Arthur about 115 years ago!”

Yep. Glad I’m not those guys.

Today’s pen: Faber-Castell e-motion
Today’s ink: Diamine Evergreen

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