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Penultimate Effort

Posted by Dirck on 22 October, 2019

So, I mentioned that I was giving up on repairs, but that didn’t mean I didn’t have some repairs to deal with. One of the items still in the queue was this poor creature, of which I took a couple of horrifying pictures against the possibility I might actually do something to help.

Oh, lord, what happened to you? Were you frightened by Winston Churchill on V-E Day?

What I was trying to capture was the way one shoulder was all hunched up, like an over the top actor doing Richard III

Seriously, when the problem was described to me, my first response was, “Well, I may be able to scare up a replacement,” because it sounded exactly as bad as it was.

I got down to that end of the repair line on the weekend, and everything I said earlier about the effect of fixing pens for people swung into full effect. Disenchantment. Constant self-monitoring to not cut corners or hurry recklessly so that it would just be done already.

Fortunately, years of trying to be aware of my internal state have paid off. Corners remain square. Sufficient time was devoted to the task, despite the usual contrariness of inanimate objects….

Actually, let me emphasize that last point. When getting tines that are radically out of sorts back into the right shape, there is a lot of back and forth in the final stages, at least in my experience, between “Good in an up/down relation, but splayed right at the end so there’s risk of breaking the weld on the tipping” and “correct taper on slit, but one tine is way too high.” This little monster had plenty of that style of grief to hand out, and yet, I persevered.

Yes, it really is the same item as the previous pictures. I’m as surprised as anyone.

You can just make out a remaining wow in the tine, which is much more evident when in the same room with the thing.

Since I’m not doing this anymore, this is not me trying to prove that I’m the guy you should look to for all your fountain pen de-mangling needs. I’m just… quietly bragging. I’m also pleased on behalf of the owner, because what spares I’ve got are nothing like as flexible as this pen. It’s a delight.

However, I will end on this– I indicate that there are imperfections there, however unwilling the camera is to reveal them. The fact of them leads me to mention that however impressive that stuff above might be, this guy is, according to all reports I’ve heard, much better at this than me. So, if you need a pen de-mangled, there’s still a Canadian option.

Today’s pen: Lamy 27
Today’s ink: Lamy black


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