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Bandwagon? Lemme On!

Posted by Dirck on 22 February, 2019

Last week, when I ceased to exist here, I listened to an item on CBC Radio about a recent documentary on the topic of Flat Earthers (or, as one who is not in their camp has called them, “Globe Deniers”) and I thought Oh, damn it. They’re getting into the main stream.

About three years ago, I looked at a Flat Earth discussion forum for a half-hour. I was dizzy all day. It’s an… interesting… way of approaching the physical world.  Anyway, for today’s entertainment, here’s a look at these strange people that you won’t have to pay to see, and which I find amusing. I will warn you, though, there’s some language in it.

Today’s pen, of sufficient density to sink in air: Pelikan M20
Today’s ink, which YOU CAN’T PROVE HOW IT’S MADE: Lamy blue-black

EDIT!! I’ve just realized it’s Dwight Frye’s birthday!

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