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Posted by Dirck on 20 February, 2018

Anyone trying to look at my site right now will be seeing a pretty blank sheet.

Here’s what led to this.  First, I went to log into the dashboard, after spending a week furiously ignoring the internet.  I do so, and get this:

Well, OK.  Unusual, but let’s do.  That gets us this:

…and on and on and on.

Which eventually leads back to the first thing.  Which is frustrating.  I eventually find this helpful entry:

Yes, I find it becomes impenetrably technical, too. AND THERE’S MORE!

Which would have been helpful if there had been any way to NOT trigger that update pop-up in the first place.  So… until I can, in my non-technical, blundering, blind and thumbless manner, figure out how to fix this without getting into the “Administration Panel” which at the moment is hiding behind the first image in this post, the site is down.  There are instructions, but I have become a cave fish in this modern age, and will be a while developing my understanding.  Heck, I stopped being a competent computer user about the time 3.25″ floppies vanished from the world.

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