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Rugged Individualism

Posted by Dirck on 13 October, 2017

Today’s film is the result of a comment on yesterday’s post causing my poor old clogged synapses to fire; I remembered a thing from the past!  Hooray!  And it’s a funny thing, which is even better.  But before I get stuck in– I was indeed sent along for an x-ray yesterday, to make sure there’s nothing unexpected in the arrangement of my soft-tissue damage that might put a stick in the spokes of physiotherapy.  As it happened, I came home five dollars poorer, but picking up some cat food and a chocolate bar on the way home can hardly be laid at the door of the Canadian healthcare system.

Now, for those who want some less whimsy and more history on our MAD COMMIE WAYS:

Today’s pen, in the clutches of a raving socialist: Parker 50
Today’s ink, not yet fashioned into a polemic regarding inadequate distribution of wealth: Skrip Black

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