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Kill It With Fire!

Posted by Dirck on 13 January, 2017

Alas, not an option for either of my current problems.  Fire applied to the novel will only make more work for me unless it’s part of an admission of abject failure… which frankly on Monday was an enticing path but which I’ve gotten over since.  The novel is less of a problem than a challenge, anyway, and setting fire to a challenge is weak.

The other current problem is winter.  If I had enough fire to deal with it and its week of -30C mornings, I would have entirely different and more pressing problems (and so would you, however far from me you are).  However, after a week of that sort of unpleasantly bracing starts to the day, I am happy to watch some people take chainsaws to winter, or at least some of its manifestations.

Today’s pen: Sailor 102
Today’s ink: Herbin Bleu Nuit


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