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October Starts Bleak and Lonely

Posted by Dirck on 7 October, 2016

October!  You know what that means!

Egg nog has been in the grocery stores for more than two weeks!

I wish I were kidding.  However, the core of the month is Hallowe’en, so far as I care to consider things, and that’s where the next few Fridays are going.  Today’s is a nod to what’s going on politically in the US at the moment, although it’s slighlty less ugly.

Pardon? “Not very Hallowe’en-ey”?  Oh, my– consider for a moment the effort gone into the costume.  Imagine the stir YOU would cause at a party were you able to marshal such resources.

Today’s pen: Parker Vacumatic (a gold pearl Debutante on a test-drive after refit, soon to appear for sale)
Today’s ink: Waterman blue-black (because why risk stains at this point?)


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