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Watch The Skies! …well, maybe not that high…

Posted by Dirck on 22 July, 2016

I’ve commented previously, although I can’t be bothered to find it, about some of the strange failures of the future to materialize we experience.  Things like moon-bases never happening, or the fact that hypersonic air travel seems to have peaked in the 1960s.  I guess part of the answer lies in the reach of imagination exceeding the grasp of ability, and today’s found film is status report on the poster-child for that phenomenon.

Now, I’m no aeronautical engineer, but it seems to me that if the flying wing’s inherent un-fly-ability has been handled by cramming it full of computers concerned with adjusting the inputs for the pilot, and if quad-copter drones are a modern toy, surely someone can throw enough technology at this thing to make it happen.  Why? Because it’s cool.

Today’s pen: Sheaffer 1500 Lifetime
Today’s ink: Skrip black


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