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Nothing’s Perfect

Posted by Dirck on 6 June, 2016

I mentioned a few entries back that I had indulged myself in the use of my Parker 75.  Over the weekend, after intermittent use, I decided it was time to clear out the pen and put it back in storage.  This proved to be a more thorough cleaning than I’d expected.

I had loaded it with a somewhat elderly cartridge from a packet unearthed during the re-housing of my parents last year, probably of mid-1980s manufacture.  The ink had lost some of its moisture over the years, but I have replenished it with water after the piercing, as one can.  I was not, alas, sufficiently attentive when I did that, or I could have saved myself some hassle.

Plastics can go brittle as they age.  In the case of this particular cartridge, the mouth of the cartridge had done just that, and rather than deforming slightly to provide a good seal with the piercing fang, it had cracked in admitting that fang to provide a perfectly miserable seal.  A good deal of the ink ended up inside the barrel of the pen, having travelled between section and cartridge via the same capillary action that is usually a welcome element in the function of a fountain pen.

A warning, then– you may decline to examine the mouth of a gift horse, but do look closely at the mouth of an elderly cartridge.

Today’s pen: Pelikan P1
Today’s ink: Herbin Vert Empire

Oh, also– I have a new little story up at my other establishment.

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