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Daddy, Meet Dada

Posted by Dirck on 22 January, 2016

I think I’m like many modern parents in my uneasy relationship with Youtube.  It offers innocent if occasionally baffling entertainments to our children, but it doesn’t appear to differentiate one sort of animation from another and that leads to thoughts of doing terrible, terrible things to Seth McFarlane when some of his more profoundly racist and/or sexist stuff appears in the Up Next sidebar.

I’m not quite which direction I lean in on this item, though.  It’s amusing, certainly, and it’s good to have something I can laugh at with my son, but… well, I’m no serious student of art, but (as with pornography), I know Dadaism when I see it.  I’m not sure the kid is really ready for that.

Today’s pen, unless it’s a hat floating above a pine meadow: Sheaffer Sentinel
Today’s ink, squirting ants away from an unprotected human eyeball: Jentle blue-black


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