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The Day in Review

Posted by Dirck on 6 November, 2015


It’s also Friday, and that means films.  First, from another observer of the day:

Next, last year’s festivities in Poland, where they apparently take Fountain Pen Day quite seriously.

And to finish, some TV commercials for pens that are no longer in production, but are warmly thought of by pen nuts fanciers even now. The incidental sexism in some of them is included free, because I can’t get it out no matter how I scrub.

My own pen for today, also warmly thought of and no longer in production, has been mentioned here previously, but I’ll save you having to poke around the back issues for the story; a gift from my wife to replace a twenty-year-old item which broken under over-vigourous use, and the trigger of the mania which led to me having a whole damn website and a very tiny repair business.

Today’s trigger object: Waterman Phileas
Today’s ink: Diamine Denim, because making final preparations for a piano arriving in my house kept me from filling it until I got to work.  Don’t expect the full story, though– that was the interesting part.

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