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Posted by Dirck on 9 September, 2015

Just a quick note; I was reading this item in the “Freshly Pressed” bin of WordPress, and I happened upon this (the italic emphasis is mine):

Writing is always dictated by the tools we use. Runes developed because straight lines are so much easier to carve in stone or onto bone. Roman inscriptions are all in big CAPITALS because they’re easier to carve. When quills and ink were developed, writing got curlier, but it was still slow because, as anyone who’s written with a fountain pen will know, you can’t go up without the ink splattering, so letters were formed carefully, using a series of strokes, rather than in one long scrawl (like my writing with a biro, which is possible because of the flexibility afforded by the ballpoint).

This is absolutely aside the point the author is trying to make, so I won’t clutter up the response feed with my own nit-pickery… but I need to make a noise or I’ll damage my nerd gland.  The behaviour described is almost never seen in fountain pens; it’s likely in dip pens, in the hands of those unused to them, and can be wrung out of a fountain pen by holding it upside-down and a little sideways.

There.  The pressure is off the gland.  All’s well.  The rest of the article is jolly interesting; I urge reading it, even if it does have horrifying ballpoint propaganda lodged in one paragraph.

Today’s non-splattering pen: OMAS Arte Italiana
Today’s carefully-distributed ink: Jentle blue-black

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