What's up at Ravens March.

Vintage pens-Handmade books-Silly statements

Posted by Dirck on 18 June, 2015

Day What How Much Duration Pen Ink
  • 15 June
  • 16 June
  • 17 June
  • 11 June
  • First draft of “Inconvenient Weekend of the Dead”
  • First draft of “Decorations”
  • More “Decorations”
  • …and all but the end of that story.
  • 4 manuscript pages and done.
  • 4 pages.
  • 5 pages.
  • 6 pages.
  • 35 min.
  • 40 min.
  • 45 min.
  • 45 min.

If you accuse me of laziness in not getting back at the big choose-your-own project, I will defend vigourously with a claim of cowardice; the necessary extra work, even though less than what has already been done, intimidates me.  There’s also something not dissimilar to luxurious greed or even lust, because the two little things I’ve knocked out this week have really been offering themselves to me and producing the sort of endorphin effects I think writers and work-out fanatics both pursue in their separate ways.

But I’m about to run out of excuses.  {quivers}


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