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Sink(o) de Bismark

Posted by Dirck on 5 May, 2015

It has been an embarrassingly long time since I mentioned Liberation Day here, and here it is Bevrijdingsdag.  There’s more than a usual amount of noise about it on the national media here, I suspect because it’s a divisible-by-ten example of the anniversary (and also because the current rump in the chair of governance in Canada, being rather militaristic and bellicose, likes to bask in the reflected glory of soldiers… but I’ll leave politics aside).  As I mentioned in the last serious treatment I gave the day, I have a foot in both celebratory camps in this matter, so I feel the effects of commemoration quite strongly.

That sort of runs me out of words to apply to the matter, though, so I’ll let pictures do the rest of the talking:

…and to fill today’s “raving loonies” quotient:

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