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Slightly Steamed Up

Posted by Dirck on 24 April, 2015

Before I get to the fun part of today’s entry, an honest question to the passers-by who drop in a gander:  In the past week, the mechanisms that tell me from where and how often people come to look at my site tell me that I’ve had something like two dozen visits from Facebook.  A curiousity-induced click on the link back gives me nothing more than Facebook’s access point, unless I’m logged in, which produces my own front door at that lodging.

The question is, I suppose… have people been saying things about me?  I’m not a real social-media-animal, having grown up before the collapse of privacy, and while I’m not too worried about what is being said (being, as are all of you, a blameless paragon of probity and uprightness), there is something uneasy about hearing one’s name being whispered in a vast crowd.  One rather wants to know what’s up.

Now, on to today’s short film, which is somewhat thematic with my current feeling of being an excluded outsider:

I always have to work to not pronounce it “shuggoth“, of course.

Today’s pen: Sheaffer Agio
Today’s ink: Herbin Bleu Pervenche


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