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Odd Criteria

Posted by Dirck on 30 March, 2015

You who look in here with some regularity will remember that a while ago I was mulling how to dispose of a gift certificate I got last Christmas, and somewhat more recently there was an allusive mention of that mulling having reached its end.   Just to remind you, here’s the sort of thing I was decided to not get one of:

Ick!  Arg!  Hideous!

Ick! Arg! Hideous!

This will probably lead to some head-scratching when I show you a picture of that which I have ended up with… which I will do now:

Ooh! Ah! Bee-YOU-tee-ful!

The ideal* reader is at this point is saying either, “But… it’s… the same,” or, “What possessed you to…?”  I won’t simply hide behind the notion of human inconsistency, although you might want to look at it as the cleared ground around the actual defenses of my action.

I will point out that apart from the current entry’s efforts at comedy, I didn’t decline that wooden e-motion (by the way, what is with Faber-Castell’s model-naming practices, anyway?) because it didn’t appeal visually, but rather because I fully expected my own clumsiness to mar it with a dollop of ineradicable ink on the grain.  The resin version is not susceptible to that sort of disfigurement, which means I will have to try harder.  I did say it was a little outside my personal style, and that does get us back into the realm of inconsistency, but it’s within what I believe my tolerances are in that direction.  It is a nice pen to write with, in my subjective and tolerant opinion, trained as I am to enjoy pens of diverse sizes and shapes, and the point is hard to fault… although I will touch on it once more before we finish today.

There is also the inner keep of this supposed ring of defenses I have, over whose thick door and imposing portcullis is chiseled the important motto, “Just ‘Cuz.”  I had, on the day I was looking through catalogues, all but dismissed the e-motion before I saw this particular finish.  One I saw it, I found it had taken on a siren aspect, and in the end I was lured to the shore.  This “parquet” motif, which one might also call “basketweave,” reminded me of something of which I am extremely fond.  I mentioned on Friday last that I’m a recovered Star Wars fan, remember.  I will also own to being an inactive and low-key Browncoat, with a good eye for backgrounds:


Where did they put cargo on the Millenium Falcon, anyway?


Now, one last element of foolishness to end the day on– the pen I am even now carrying I ordered with a bold point.  “Bold?” said the nice man at Paper Umbrella?  Yes, indeed, said I, because it gives me the material needed to convert the point into a stub, rendering the writing more dashing and the pen more interesting.

However, I was not thinking of how very nicely finished Faber-Castell points are.  The urge to reshape has started to feel like an inclination to vandalism….

Today’s seed of foolishness: Faber-Castell e-motion
Today’s ink: Montblanc Royal Blue


*”5.  something that exists only in the imagination.”  It’s a pretty archaic use of the word, and thus just about the last noun definition Dictionary.com offers for it.

6 Responses to “Odd Criteria”

  1. AndrewMB said

    Were you not drawn, even slightly, to the hexagonal Faber-Castell Ondoro?

    • Despite my long-held belief that orange hexagons are a defining mark of THE FUTURE!, the call of the Ondoro was relatively quiet in my ears. I wouldn’t deride someone else’s choice of it, but it’s not for me.

      …even if it does follow a relatively normal pattern of capitalization, I realize belatedly. Neither ONDORO nor ondoro. Hmm. Nope. I’m happy.

  2. Alex said

    Heh. I am obviously not an ideal reader 🙂 ….. I have the white one….was one of my first “new pen” buys, and I use it as a regular. Love it. The shape, the white, the weight….the only thing I don’t like is that it will not stay posted, and as I don’t wish to tape the top( as was suggested)I have to be careful when using it(Im extremely absent minded and am always mislay ing/misplacing/losing things….partly nature, partly after effect of a stroke)

    I’m very fond of it….never been drawn to the wooden barrel : would, however, be enticed by a Lamy Safari style array of brightness…..a turquoise, a coral, a scarlet!

    Greetings from windy Scotland in the wee sma’ ‘oors

    • I’m lucky in my freedom of approach on the whole post/no-post matter. The prospect of lashing some tape to the pen as a remedy puts a chill down my spine, and not the fun Vincent Price sort!

      • Alex said

        Glad to hear you are in agreement about the tape….not something I want to do! I’ve adopted your way of writing “.Today’s pen/ today’s ink”….I do a lot if writing, the therapeutic kind – don’t like diary, or journal, so being a Trekkie, Captains Log would fit the bill. Recently widowed from my soulmate and it helps a little, just to get my thoughts out, and onto paper, and having the pen/ ink used recorded is very useful.
        Cheers from the chilly east coast of Scotland

  3. […] I have all the articles of grinding laid out, I decided to cast a die as far as my Faber-Castell gift of recent delivery.  I mentioned that I had gotten a bold with an eye to amendment, but was hesitating in the face of […]

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