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Seeking Safe Harbour

Posted by Dirck on 29 January, 2015

I have just spent a foolish several minutes looking at Facebook.  One of the Faces there is rather politically active, and posts rather a lot of alarming things on the effects of the current politics of North America.  Alarming… but properly cited and factually founded, so one can’t just say, “Put a sock in it, Chicken Little.”  I am therefore flustered, blue and feeling generally helpless.

What I need is someone to show me the way through shoals, to lead me to a quiet anchorage where I may ride easy at anchor.

Which brings me back to something I said last week I was going to mention at some future date:

Pilot Booty

There is a peculiar joy connected to an NOS pen. It’s like a time-capsule, or a gift from the past.


I’ve got an extremely unsatisfactory page for this little darling already set up on my site, and I regret the lack of satisfaction that page offers to readers because it completely belies the degree of satisfaction which I have derived from the getting of the pen.  This is not, to be honest, because of the pen itself; it’s a nice enough little item, it has a pleasant soft pen, and it arrived with all the original bits and bobs that Pilot stuck into its pen boxes c. 1970.  The satisfaction comes, rather, for the efforts of the person who sold it to me.

I should mention that I did not stick at the basic $10 shipping.  No, I splurged for the tracked shipping.  It cost sixteen dollars.  I don’t know how Japan Post manages to do international tracked shipping for half (or less) what it costs Canada Post, but I suspect it’s less a case of how they manage as how Canada Post is mismanaged– I love my national carrier, but the despotic rumps that have been placed upon its executive cushions seem bent on making it a hollow wreck.

Now, having spent this magnificent pittance on the shipping, I certainly got my money’s worth.  Here’s the final version of the tracking:

Shipping Info

Somehow, across the world’s great ocean, Japan Post got it right pretty much to the minute.  I was getting an email notice for each update, too.  It was almost oppressive.

As much as I’ve credited Japan Post for this, I also look at the seller as an author of my contentment.  After all, he (I’m pretty sure it’s a masculine name, as shallow as my study of Japanese is) could have not bothered to offer the enhanced mode of shipping.  He could have neglected to put that pen in a box into a nest of crumpled newspapers inside yet another box, too.  This is exactly what I urge and apply as a good practice for pen-shipping, but there’s not a lot who follow this line of thought, and it’s always charming to discover one who shares one’s views.  Also charming, something entirely not-pen and not-packing that was lurking in tidy parcel which arrived at my house at a little before three o’clock last Monday…

Tiny origami bird!  Squeee! (Yes, a large bearded man wil go "squee."  I'm secure in my masculinty)

Tiny origami bird! Squeee! (Yes, a large bearded man will go “squee.” I’m secure in my masculinty)

Profoundly, wonderfully unnecessary.  I feel like a goon, retrospectively, for not including similar things with the pens I’ve sent into the world (a feeling which will no doubt recur, as my skills in that direction are rather shaky and being not Japanese it might seem affected).

Excellent experience, then.  At the risk of damaging this person’s abilities to give such attention to his sellers by directing a flood of them to his door, I will now give a link to his store-front.  E-sell_jp sounds like a dreadfully mechanical sort of seller, doesn’t it?  Don’t let that put you off, if his stuff appeals.  He takes care.

Ah, yes.  That feels better.  Distracted once again from the state of the world.

Today’s pen: Pelikan M20
Today’s ink: Chelpark Black

…and as for the rest of the week:

Day What How Much Duration Pen Ink
  • 26 January
  • 27 January
  • 28 January
  • Second draft of “The Yellow Oracle,” because I might as well press on and get it to my readers for comment.
  • Second draft, “The Yellow Oracle”.
  • Second draft, entering the final lap.
  • 910 words.
  • 894 words.
  • 774 words
  • 45 min.
  • 50 min. (this is the bit where I check that some words mean what I think they mean)
  • 40 min.

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