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Video Hits!

Posted by Dirck on 23 January, 2015

My usual Friday conceit is that of the school classroom.  Today, though, I’m going to the after-school experience of my teen years.  This change is brought on by an effort of late to fix a problem both with my site and with my collection.  Rather a while ago, I owned to the fact that I don’t have a whole lot of Asian pens.  I’ve been working at fixing this; I’m shockingly behind in getting some Indian pens up where they can be seen, and thanks to some recent repairs both of my own pens and of others, I’ve got some more Japanese pens that I should add, beyond those which have already gone public.  This week saw the fruit of my sole eBay foolishness of the last half of 2014 appear, which I will delve into next week.

Now, with regard to those teen years: we Canadian youngsters of the early 1980s could paddle home at the end of a school day, secure in the knowledge that as long as our house was reached by the broadcast signal of the nation’s network, we could watch some music videos (which were new and unsettled in those days, not unlike the animals of the Cambrian oceans).  Those of us with cable, and the dazzling wonder of as many as twenty channels, were sometimes amused to find that our afternoon entertainments were only shown late night and edited on the US networks, which proved that there were indeed cultural differences between our two nations.

…and speaking of cultural differences, we were also all quite fascinated by an Asian nation whose skyrocketing economy suggested that in short order they would own and control all things.  That spawned today’s video:

Yep.  Takin’ over the world.  Heck, Marty McFly works for ’em (until October).

Today’s pen (remembers when we were not at all friends with that part of the world): Parker “51”
Today’s ink (conquering from within!): Jentle blue-black

{A note about the combination; the pen is actually one that’s been waiting for me to rebuild its filler for about three years, and this is its first time on its feet since I got it.  It’s actually in rather better exterior shape than the one on the page.  The ink is one I like a lot generally, and has become my unofficial ‘welcome back to the world’ fill for the recently resurrected– even if it has been in a regular rotation pen quite recently}


One Response to “Video Hits!”

  1. I should also mention that “fascinated with” in no way equates with “unwilling to pursue strangely ignorant stereotype images of”.

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