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Red Carpet Premiere

Posted by Dirck on 21 November, 2014

This is quite afield from my usual line– this Tuesday upcoming I’m going to be attending the sort of event described above.  I do this through my wife’s involvement the film trailered below:

This is pretty cool, as she says the people involved are extremely nice and I don’t often get to see her in her professional environment.  I should say the people involved must be nice, as in the following…

…they don’t once mention the gutting of that professional environment in this province.  But that’s grumpy talk, and I’m very happy that she got to work on a film, and has avoided the fell Curse of The Editor.  She doesn’t have a lot of lines, and it was a worry.

Today’s pen: Sheaffer cartridge pen, which I’ve been using for first drafts; I managed to stagger out without my intended pen this morning.
Today’s ink:  Diamine Prussian Blue

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