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Tricky Treats

Posted by Dirck on 31 October, 2014

I’m going a little overboard, perhaps.  It’s a special day, though, and I love to hand out treats.  First, because it’s the early part of the entry, a little something for all you folks with little trick-or-treaters to see to:

Now, I have spend the past week mulling which story to post here, and in what format.  Since it’s a longish one, I’ve decided that the best bet is to embed it thus as a PDF file, and let it be read in a separate window.  It being… well, not a Lovecraft pastiche, but certainly a direct reference to one of his works (and not one of the overtly racist ones), I have some doubts about it ever being commercial.

The other film for today is aimed at those who don’t have any kids to pilot through the dark and leaf-blown streets.  Those who find themselves walking all alone through the echoing spaces of a house that, for one night at least, fails to be a cozy sanctuary.  Those who listen with straining nerves for the sounds that should be the cooling of the timbers without another human in the place to turn to and laugh dismissively at the atavistic fears a dark October night may conjure….

If you want something to take the taste of that out of your head, there’s some other creepy stuff available here that’s worth a look.

Today’s unutterably ancient pen:  Waterman 12
Today’s grimly-hued fluid of inscription: Noodler’s red-black


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